Here's The Latest X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer

I'm still getting used to Sansa Stark as Jean Gray, but hey, she kills it for this trailer.

20th Century Fox has dropped the second official trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix just now. It's just under two and a half minutes long, and concentrates largely on Jean Gray's instability and the difficulty that poses for the rest of the X-Men, but a world too small and too feeble to handle her cosmic strength.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the X-Men are pretty hopeless when Jean gets pissed.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits local theatres June 6.


    Ok it looks a LOT better than the last one I'll give it that. Didn't look too shabby at all.

    I feel like that's a misdirect... the opening 30 seconds of the trailer

    not sure why everyone is freaking out

    Did anyone else just completely forget that this was a thing?

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