I Like Pokémon Now

I just want to eat its adorable face. (Image: Funko)

Pokémon are good, actually.

In my line of work, I need to know a little about a lot but I’m sorry, there are just too many damn Pokémon to keep track of.

OK, to be honest, Pokémon is just something I missed the boat on, likely because of my age. I was just on the cusp of thinking the Power Rangers were fun when that show aired in the early ‘90s, but apparently Young Jill was already trying to be an adult in 1997 and wouldn’t be caught dead watching an animated cartoon about...*checks notes*...fake animals.

I watched teen dramas like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and adult spy series La Femme Nikita. You know, “cool stuff”. Then again, I did play Neopets obsessively and that didn’t start up until 1999, so who knows?

I digress. Considering I’d recently said I’d eat a Bulbasaur salad, this might come off as odd but...OH MY GOD THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN.

Yup, Funko has Pokémon Pop figures on the way. Now, of course, I’ve seen Bulbasaurs before but for some reason, this one is just making my aggressively cute senses go off.

Grow your Pop! collection with the latest Pokémon Pop! who also happens to be a rare Grass- Poison-type. Train with your Pop! Bulbasaur frequently and this adorable Pokémon might be your best friend or maybe just take a nap. Additional Pokémon will be available every season.

Oh my god, they might just fall asleep on you?? What have I been doing with my life???

I wouldn’t say I have a Funko Pop collecting problem (though my husband might disagree). I mean, I don’t need Marie Kondo to come over and ask me which ones bring me joy or anything, because they all do. I’m fairly selective on which I buy. I don’t feel I need a complete set of a run for any reason, I just buy the ones I like. And yes, I take them all out of the boxes.

No specific release date for this one yet but, yeah, I need it.


    OH FUCK. I NEED THIS. I passed on Pikachu, and it was super hard to find. I can't imagine how hard it'll be to find the best pokemon of all time.

      Cripes. PIkachu super hard to find? Maybe a specific version? God knows just a couple weeks ago every EB or Zing I walked into had an entire rack dedicated exclusively to all the extra Let's Go Pikachu pops they couldn't shift.

        The one I'm thinking of was a Target exclusive. I think it was larger than a normal pop.

    Same here definitely going to get the Pokemon Pop Vinyl figures starting with the Bulbasaur Pop Vinyl figure coming out later this year.
    I mean if Ash Ketchum caught one of those Pokemon Pop Vinyl figures he would be very proud to keep it for his Pokemon collection.

    The eyes freak me out tbh.

      Was worried I was the only one. The Pikachu one is nightmarish too.

      Its as freaky as Ditto face on Pokemon. Creepy smiling monsters

    Hovered over the Marie Kondo link hoping it was a link to a Funko Pop of here.

    I also had to type Marie 3 times to not type Mario. Strange muscle memory there.

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