I'm Obsessed With Anthem's Mech-Entering Sequence

Anthem is not a particularly sensual game, especially for a BioWare joint. There are no romance options. There’s some light flirting while talking with computer-controlled characters, but nothing intimate. Gameplay outside of a mech suit is all first-person, so the player barely sees their character outside of cutscenes.

But damn, the transition from first-person human to third-person mech suit action is hot business.

It’s a sequence many players wouldn’t have even thought about had Bioware had simply alluded to it rather than showing the whole thing. Just walking up to that empty suit, pressing a button and fading to black would have been fine. Whatever gets us into that jumping, flying action, right?

But no, the game’s makers took the transition to the next level. The player grabs the top of the suit, lifts their legs and slides them slowly into that soft, padded opening.

Though it offers rigid protection from the creatures inhabiting the wilds of Bastion, the suit is designed to give. See how it expands to accommodate the legs of its user as she slips inside.

It’s a sensuous experience, a little sexy and definitely pleasing to the senses. This is how I want to enter a suit of mechanical armour.

I want it padded and snug. I want to feel protected. I want to feel invincible. Fortunately for me, Anthem isn’t that difficult of a game. Once I’m outside of Fort Tarsis, securely embraced by my metal friend, I feel safe and secure.

There’s a lot I do not love about Anthem. The story is humdrum. The non-player character interactions don’t really go anywhere. The shooting is nowhere near as satisfying as other multiplayer science fiction shooters (named Destiny).

But nothing gets me ready for an hour out in the wilds shooting Scars like this bit here.

Fits like a glove.


    Neat. An article with the same low FPS 15mb gif 3 times.

      Even better they're all slightly different and so we have 42MB's of GIFs that show the same thing. Good thing I have Fibre at work!

        IT dept. just asked me why I keep downloading a .gif of someone getting into a gimp suit.

    I only managed to play the beta and got up to the stage where you climb in before it crashed so I did that sequence about 5-6 times and enjoyed each one because it was animated very well and seemed polished. Reminded me of the first time I put on a HEV suit in Half life 2, got the same feelings

    They've got the loading screens backwards.

    When you're match-making, you get the cinematic. When you're loading the world, you get static bullshit nothingness.

    Match-making is often so quick that you don't get to see the cinematic actually finish, where world-loading takes long enough to make a fucking coffee.

    They should swap them. The less-interesting screen during the shorter load, the more interesting during the longer.

    Frankly, I reckon they should extend it. Not just 'suit up', but then the rest of the loading is like Destiny's flying ships - only it's a javelin sitting in their strider's launch bay, waiting for it to arrive.

    All I can think when seeing that is the freelancers feet breaking every time they hope in because of the weird leg shape.

    I hate it, it looks like you're climbing into a claustrophobic pile of meat.

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