It’s The Real-Life Master Roshi 

It’s The Real-Life Master Roshi 

This is pro bodybuilder Nhon Ly. He’s better known by his Instagram handle master_roshi_real_life, and for good reason.

Previously, Kotaku introduced body builder Taichi Shimizu, who pulled off the Dragon Ball character with real muscles and fake facial hair.

Nhon Ly doesn’t need a phoney beard! As Karapaia points out, he certainly does resemble the Dragon Ball character and plays up the comparisons, wearing “Master Roshi” shirts and sporting Roshi-like shades.

Goodness, it’s Max Power, but for real!


  • Jesus fuck that guy looks like my dad. It’s uncanny. Only my dad is no Roshi…

    … except maybe for the lech part.

  • Why do these articles which list instagram photos require clicking on each link to see the image? Why can’t they be embedded in the article page?

    • That’d be adblock or another extension that’s stopping them from appearing. (Tracking protection in Firefox messes with IG embeds sometimes as well.)

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