Kingdom Hearts 3 Players Are Seeing Lucky Emblems Everywhere

Kingdom Hearts 3 Players Are Seeing Lucky Emblems Everywhere

Kingdom Hearts 3 is littered with lucky emblems, special Mickey Mouse shaped indentations and arrangements that are key to unlocking the game’s secret ending. While there are only 90 in the game, dedicated players have been finding a whole lot more outside of the game. They’re in food. They’re on buildings. They are everywhere.

“Look Sora, it’s a lucky emblem!” It’s an exclamation that causes many Kingdom Hearts 3 players to drop whatever they’re doing in order to hunt for two small circles atop a larger one, like so.


That’s the international symbol for Mickey Mouse, recognised the world over. It’s on hats, shirts, and toys. It’s on just about everything in Anaheim California. There are entire theme parks dripping with the image. In fact, the very concept of the Lucky Emblems comes from something Disney has been doing since as far back as the late 1970s — hiding the iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette in various secret places in Disney’s theme parks and films.

Hidden Mickey” hunting is a popular pastime at Disney parks, but now that it’s in Kingdom Hearts, more fans are starting to see Mickeys… everywhere.


Twitter and Reddit Kingdom Hearts fans are starting to discover a wealth of unintentional Lucky Emblems all over the place. After hunting down all 90 in the game, it’s almost impossible to stop seeing them everywhere. As Redditor Ambiator puts it, it’s “that moment you start seeing Lucky Emblems in real life.”

ImageSource: Ambiator on Reddit

” loading=”lazy” > Source: Ambiator on Reddit

Circles are a pleasant shape, and they show up together in groups of three all of time. Sometimes they are manufactured, like the napkin holder BenjaminDiskin on Twitter found at the Cheesecake Factory.

ImageBenjaminDiskin on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Source: BenjaminDiskin on Twitter

Or this lighting fixture found by Twitter’s Little Dark Age.

ImageLittle Dark Age on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Source: Little Dark Age on Twitter

Jared from The Gamer’s Joint on YouTube has been seeing a Lucky Emblem in his car ever since the game came out.

ImageThe Gamers Joint on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Source: The Gamers Joint on Twitter

Lucky Emblems can be found in the food we eat, like this tasty-looking bowl of Sri Lankan hoppers from Erika Harlacher on Twitter.

ImageErika Harlacher on Twitter” loading=”lazy” > Source: Erika Harlacher on Twitter

Or this potato, as discovered by Birthbysleeping on Twitter.

ImageBirthbyseeping on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Credit: Birthbyseeping on Twitter

Credit: Birthbyseeping on TwitterLucky Emblems can be made from any number of materials. There are bubble Lucky Emblems.

ImageCredit: Nort Lilbomber on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Credit: Nort Lilbomber on Twitter

And there are bottle cap Lucky Emblems.

ImageSource: Adrian Angie on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Source: Adrian Angie on Twitter

Some Lucky Emblems occur naturally.

ImageKellz on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Credit: Kellz on Twitter

Credit: Kellz on TwitterAnd some require a little imagination to make them work.

ImageCredit: ZombieChiefXX on Twitter, taken at an iHop.” loading=”lazy” > Credit: ZombieChiefXX on Twitter, taken at an iHop.

People are even finding Lucky Emblems in other video games, like World of Warcraft

ImageSource: Interesting Kiwi on Reddit

” loading=”lazy” > Source: Interesting Kiwi on Reddit

…and Final Fantasy XIV.

ImageSource: Gee Dji on Twitter

” loading=”lazy” > Source: Gee Dji on Twitter

“Yep. I can’t unsee them. It’s like the arrow in the FedEx logo.” says Akayaday on Reddit, posting this suspicious picture of a three-circle power cord port.

ImageAkayaday on Reddit

” loading=”lazy” > Source: Akayaday on Reddit

Akaday is right. Once you start hunting for Lucky Emblems, you see them everywhere. And now that you’ve seen all of these, you will too. Feel free to share yours in the comments. Happy hunting!


  • so….you’ve glimpsed into the life of a Disney Fan. Hidden Mickeys (Their official name, not this Lucky shit) are hidden all over Disney Properties.

  • I prefer a good hidden Triforce. There’s a lot of them out there in the wild, and each is clearly a message from Din, Naryu, and Farore, attempting to make contact with our universe’s Link (AKA Macaulay Culkin) to warn him about our universe’s Ganondorf (AKA Jeff Bezos, not Trump. He’s just a Moblin).
    Remember when Google banners held a hidden Triforce? That was fun.

    • I was puzzled by this comment until I realised you were talking of Skyward Sword Moblins, not BotW or WW ones. Maybe Hinox would be better?

  • Pfft. Amateurs. I’ve been seeing Hidden Mickeys since my days of watching The Mouse Factory.

  • that reminds me Epic Rap Battles when Disney says “…with only 3 circles I dominate the planet…”

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