Look At This Magical Nintendo 64

Image: Mizucat

German artist Mizucat, who specialises in 80s and early 90s anime art, also dabbles in cutsom console paintjobs, like this fantastic Nintendo 64.

It’s like a unicorn barfed a fairy dust cupcake all over some Nintendo hardware, and I love it.

Image: Mizucat

Maybe the best part is that the console isn’t just a paintjob, it’s a restoration job! Look at the state of the thing before it was pinkified:

Image: Mizucat

Much better.

They’ve also worked with gamechanger_mods on some Game Boys, which are just as beautiful:

I often complain Nintendo doesn’t release enough yellow hardware, but I guess we can complain they don’t release enough “magic unicorn barf” stuff either.

Mizucat also has an online store if you wanted to check out some badass old anime prints!


    It feels less sparkly and more just "paint splashback" to me.

    "fantastic", well that's one way to describe it...

      I would’ve gone with “faaabulouuusss”.

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