Modern Warfare And The Witness Are The Only PlayStation Plus Games For March

Our monthly accounting of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers is going to be a lot shorter from now on, as the PlayStation 3 and Vita drop out of the program this month. It’s the end of an era, folks.

March’s PlayStation Plus games are:

PlayStation 4

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

  • The Witness

(February’s PlayStation Plus games will be available through March 8, so grab those while you still can.)


    I'll probable play the campaign of Modern Warfare (if that is a thing) then uninstall.

      From memory, the (unremastered) campaign was actually quite good. Maybe I was more easily impressed back then ...

      The campaign is pretty good. Keep an ear out for Billy Murray (who played Don Beech in The Bill) as Captain Price.

    This is looking like a good time to end my subscription. I don't play online, the lad only plays Fortnite - no sub required, and my pile o' shame is already Everest-like.

    Wait, they took the Vita out of the program? Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Why do Sony even bother entering the handheld market?

      With Vita production ending and no plans for a new one, it's probably fair to say that they've exited the handheld market.

      It's a pity they've dropped it from PS+, though. I don't use my Vita much, but some of my favourite PS+ games for PS4 have actually been the Vita ones that came with PS4 versions as cross-buy.

        Same, I've spent way more hours with vita-ps4 crossbuy titles then I have with regular ps4 titles,.

        Yeah, I find that I generally prefer getting stuff for my Vita than the PS4 (even if it is a little taxing on the storage capacity). This is a damn shame at the end of the day. The Vita was a good piece of kit. The 3DS had more "fun" and immersion value, but the Vita was like this ornate photoframe for your indie games and PS Classics (alongside some REALLY good original titles).

    Not the best line up but I'll re-play the campaign, maybe try out the MP for a little bit.

    Not interested in the Witness and I have plenty of other games to spend my time on so I don't rely on the PS+ 'free' games very much

    I'm game to give COD a try. Never played a COD game before, and have wanted to but didn't want to spend money on it in case I hated it. So will probably install that. I think we already own The Witness though.

      we also got a code game in November or something. black ops3

    Line up is solid. But damn losing PS3 & Vita.

    I really want the witness, but alas I have unsubbed quite some time ago...

    I know "I already bought it" is a common complaint with these services but I already bought the Witness on PS4 last year then before I had a chance to play it - it was made free on Xbone (I have both) where I played it! Still haven't installed it on the PS4!

    Keen to play MW again

    I usually add the ‘free’ games to my library but rarely play them. I also play mostly single player games..
    Starting to wonder if the monthly fee is worth it...

    I'll buck the trend of these negative Nancies here and say this is an awesome lineup. Two high profile games that I don't own and want to play. I'm stoked!

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