Monster Hunter Meat Reborn As One Of Japan's Favourite Cakes

Image: Capcom

Baumkuchen is very popular in Japan. There are Baumkuchen specialty shops and you can buy little Baumkuchen at the supermarket. Folks love it! Do you know what else people in Japan love? Monster Hunter.

To celebrate Monster Hunter’s 15th anniversary, Capcom is teaming up with Baumkuchen maker Juchheim for a cake version of the in-game well-done meat.

There is a smaller-sized that comes with a little paper flame pit (above) and a larger 41cm “actual size” Monster Hunter meat that’s covered in dark sugar (below). Pricing for the smaller one is still TBA, but the one below is 16,200 yen ($204). Pre-orders start next month in Japan.

Image: Capcom



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