Nintendo's Opening An Official Tokyo Store

Image: Nintendo Store in New York City (Alex Walker/Kotaku)

If you've been overseas, you might have been lucky enough to visit a proper Nintendo store. The one in New York City, for instance, has plenty of special displays and memorabilia, including a Game Boy playing Tetris that survived a bombing in the Gulf War.

Funnily enough, while there are official Pokemon Centres around Japan, Nintendo doesn't have an official Japanese store. This year, that's about to change.

The store will be the first official store managed by Nintendo's Japanese branch, and will be located in the Shibuya area. A tentative launch date has been set for later this spring, with the launch coinciding with the opening of PARCO, a department store in the Shibuya district.

"In addition to selling products such as video game systems, software and character-based merchandise, we plan to host events and offer opportunities to play games at Nintendo Tokyo," Nintendo said.

Given the massive lines that already form in Japan for any Nintendo release, I look forward to the endless photos on Twitter of lines down the street, around the corner, and halfway back to Tokyo. Mind you, Shibuya is easy as hell to get to once you're in Tokyo, so it'll be fun to see what Switch variations and Nintendo exclusives are sold direct that, inevitably, will never make its way to Australians.


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