Meet Overwatch's Newest Hero, Baptiste

Overwatch's latest hero has finally been announced - and if the origin story is to be believed, we're getting a new medic. Meet Baptiste.

The official Overwatch account teased the new hero earlier today, with the origin story dropping on YouTube. It mentions a lot about regretting past choices, with a lot of backdrops showing Talon troops and mercenaries.

More info about Baptiste is due out soon, so stay tuned.


    Cue articles a) celebrating this isn't a straight white guy and b) complaining that he doesn't represent a particular minority.

    Cynicism aside, the ethnicity choice is interesting since he seems to be a cross between Lucio and Doomfist all while looking like Will Smith. With the focus seemingly on filling out the pool of people of colour I wonder if there will be any Aborigine characters.

    Everything this hero is hinting at looks good apart from the fact he is wearing a bib

    Looks awesome, just hope he's not a sniper character because I can't play those to save my life.

      Looks like he has a grenade launcher. Probably shoots healing grenades at people.

    That was a great vid! Loved it!

    Why is the Demo-man from TF2 in Overwatch... lol

    Jean-Baptiste Emannuel Zorg?

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