Pokémon Go Player Arrested For Allegedly Hitting A Police Officer

Image: Pokemon Go

While playing Pokémon Go in Japan’s Matsuyama City, a 40-year-old man was stopped by a police officer for questioning. The man reportedly got upset that his game was interrupted and allegedly struck the officer in the face.

According to Yahoo! Japan, there were around fifty people gathered near a hotel in the city’s Chifunemachi area, apparently playing Pokémon Go. With people reportedly entering the hotel premises without permission, the staff called the police. Two officers arrived on the scene.

The suspect was questioned by the police and reportedly said, “Because of you, I didn’t catch [Pokémon]. I’ll kill you.” The suspect allegedly struck the officer, who did not suffer any injuries.


    You know what should happen the 40 year old man in Japan should be charged for not only assaulting a police officer but also for making threats to kill.
    How do you fucking like that?

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