Here's More Gameplay From Rage 2

Machetes that automatically seek out enemies. Shotguns with sonic blasts. Slide kicks that would fit right at home in Bulletstorm or Apex Legends. And black holes that suck in enemies like you're Maya. That's the general gist of what to expect in the latest batch of Rage 2 footage.

The footage from Bethesda's official channel is uncommentated and shows the player going through a simple firefight against regular mobs before getting a new ability, before venturing into new locations and blowing the shit out of everyone there.

There's a final boss fight at the end which is a little more involved - regular abilities aren't effective on larger bosses, so the fight is more about shooting weak points (highlighted in red) and more area-of-effect, explosive weaponry.

So far, Rage 2 seems to be very much targeting the popcorn shooter crowd - the kind of game you'd play at the end of the day as a distraction or something to just mindlessly enjoy. We'll know more for sure when it comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 14.


    I am so pumped for this! after the anthem letdown, i tried to fill the void with destiny 2 but it's way too grindy and PvP orientated. This is the hero we deserve and need!

    The gunplay looks excellent. Only issue I've had with the previews I've seen is that the facial animation of NPC's look off. Otherwise this looks better than Far Cry New Dawn by a mile (which to it's advantage has nailed NPC facial animations, but can't compare in gunplay). Looking forward to this one.

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