Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Will Bring Big Changes, Including Reworked Friendly Fire System

Ubisoft has announced big changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 4. One of the biggest is a complete change to how friendly fire will work. These changes were revealed in a livestream during the Six Invitational 2019.

Friendly fire will now do reverse damage to players. This will only activate after a player has killed a teammate once during a match. Team killing has been a problem in Siege for years. These changes will hopefully make team kills happen less often.

Map changes are coming in Year 4. These will include reworks of three different maps: Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal and Theme Park. Map reworks usually involve moving obstacles, changing building layouts and altering different visual elements of a map.

Ubisoft also revealed a roadmap for future operators and events. Starting February 18 on R6 Siege test servers, players will be able to try out the two new Australian operators coming to the game. Later seasons will add operators from Denmark, Peru, Mexico, Kenya and India. An operator from the US Secret Service will also be added in a later season in Year 4.

Year 4 Roadmap (Graphic: Ubisoft, Reddit)

Year 4 will also change how the in-game menus look and operate, rebalance multiple existing operators and make changes to playlist requirements and content.

The announcement of these changes and future plans has been met with mostly positive comments from the community. Many players are excited about how many improvements and fixes Ubisoft is adding in Year 4.

“Ubisoft have clearly put so much thought into all of this Year 4 content and changes.” said Reddit user RichardArrowSmith. Another user commented in the same thread that they feel more excited now than ever before about Rainbow Six Siege.

Many fans also seemed happy that Ubisoft seemed committed to rebalancing maps and operators on such a large scale.

The Rainbow Six Siege subreddit collected all the new information revealed into a massive post. Check it out for more information and details about the upcoming new year of Siege content.


    It's actually fantastic that this game has turned out as it has. I look forward to another good few years of the ol' Siege.

    When I first saw Siege at release I thought "why the heck would I play this? I hate Counter Strike"
    I started playing last year and now think it's one of the best shooters around. The shooting and movement is just so well tuned and the map destruction means that rounds rarely ever play out the same way. Keen for the Aussie operators

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