Resident Evil 2 Stats Reveal Players Have Seen Millions Of Cockroaches & Killed Lots Of Zombies

Resident Evil 2 Stats Reveal Players Have Seen Millions Of Cockroaches & Killed Lots Of Zombies

Capcom has released some new stats about Resident Evil 2. Most of these stats are what you would expect, number of kills or time played. But Capcom is also tracking some weirder in-game actions, like how many players are staring at a specific dead body.

RE2 has been out for just over a week and already players are racking up some impressive numbers. On, stats show that players have killed 214,667,754 zombies, which according to Capcom is more that the combined populations of the UK and Japan.

Players have also fired a lot of bullets. The total weight of all those bullets adds up to over 60,000 tons. Players aren’t just shooting enemies though, they’re also using their knives. Fans have killed nearly over 28 million zombies and other baddies using just a knife.” loading=”lazy” > Graphic: Capcom,

One of the stranger stats Capcom is tracking is how often fans are getting a cockroach surprise. At one point in the game, players can open a morgue locker and find a huge amount of giant cockroaches. This has happened over 178 million times.

Another strange stat Capcom shared is how many times fans have stared at the corpse of the mayor’s daughter. 29% of RE2 players took a nice, long stare at her dead body.

You can find more interesting stats, like how over 75% of players are starting the game with Leon, at


    • I agree … but shooting Mr X in the face with a grenade launcher via Claire does sound appealing.

  • Bossing through this game, chopping zombies and taking names. Cockroach scene made me jump and yelp.

  • I’m a bit weirded out by the idea of tracking such in depth things as how long somebody stared at a particular dead body.

    It’s all fine and dandy now but how long before games start being designed on the data they can gather?
    With data collection and analysis attracting big money and publishers/developers chasing the new profit model, it’s not that far fetched, companies are already building games around effective psychological hooks.

    • Wait a second nami…didn’t u posit earlier that soon enough we’d be dealing with population control via real life battle royales! Somebody get this man a tinfoil hat and relegate him to a basement please.
      Jokes aside, it is kinda creepy.

      • I upgraded from the tin foil hat to the Twistie packet Faraday onesie!!

        Seriously though after posting that comment I took a second to think about how utterly cinical an untrusting I’ve become lol.

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