Saying Goodbye To Sega’s Old Headquarters

Saying Goodbye To Sega’s Old Headquarters

Sega has moved its cooperate offices from its former location in Tokyo’s Otorii to a new Sega Sammy Holdings site in Ousaki, Tokyo. Sega sold off its old headquarters, and with talk that the building will be torn down, Sonic developer Yuji Naka came to say goodbye.

As Game Biz (via Siliconera) reports, Sega Sammy sold off the land for $US47 ($66) million.

“It’s said that the building where Sega Enterprises was located will be gone, so I came to take photos with my kids,” Yuji Naka wrote on Twitter.

Naka told his children that he made Sonic the Hedgehog on the 7th floor. He added that there were lots of people gathered around Sega’s old offices. However, they were there for a Pokémon Go raid battle.

If you are in Japan and want to say goodbye, now’s your chance!

Here is a peek inside Sega’s new offices.

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