Screen Australia Just Funded A Rom-Com About Gamers

Screen Australia Just Funded A Rom-Com About Gamers
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Fury Fingers are an Aussie group responsible for some cracking fan films, including this take on The Division and more recently, Far Cry 5. They’ve built up a solid reputation, so much so that Screen Australia just announced they’re funding the group’s next project.

The project is called Love, Guns and Level Ups, according to the Screen Australia release. It’s an eight-part romantic comedy series about a pair of gamers who meet online, and then go through the trials and tribulations of a relationship:

An eight-part series about a couple, Bree and Elliot, who meet in the online world of video games and then discover the challenges of a real-world relationship. This is the first action adventure rom-com from creative team Fury Fingers, who have an impressive track record of making high quality skits about video game culture.

The funding was part of Skip Ahead 5, a venture co-funded by Google Australia, so the whole series will be released for free on YouTube. It’s the same program that funded The Superwog Show, Axis All Areas and, I shit you not, Neighbours vs Zombies. Yes, Ramsey Street Neighbours.

That cover is pretty good, to be fair.

Love, Guns and Level Ups will air sometime this year. As for all the other projects funded through the Skip Ahead venture, Screen Australia has a handy watch list here.


  • They’re going to need all the luck they can get, it’s hard enough making a decent rom-com, and twenty times harder for any kind of gaming themed project.

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