Nobody grabbed yesterday's game, which is an awful shame. You'll just have to have a second hint while giving yourselves a kick - I know some of you are huge fans of this series.

Here's yesterday's hint:


    I'd say it was the Hunt for Red October, but that's not a game series. So I'm going to say it anyway.

      You never played Hunt for Red October 2: Hunt for Brown November?

        Or Hunt For Red October: The Tim Curry Years? Wait... that was DLC, never mind.

    I was gonna go with Trauma Centre yesterday, just because of the heart. And your fascination with AGDQ games in recent times.

    So gonna go with it today, mostly because of that, and the fact its a series.

    No-one cares, Alex... just have a beer and chill mate... it's not that important.

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    Rainbow 6 - They're the Heartbeat Sensor and Team Status icons

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