Seriously, Capcom, Is This Devil Ever Going To Cry, Or Not?

Since 2001 Capcom has been refusing to answer the possibility. In wild anticipation of Devil May Cry 5 next month, I (Tim Rogers) am revisiting the entire series in my personal time. You can intrude on that personal time on our Twitch channel.


    Wow, Tim Rogers advertises his twitch channel: The article.
    I guess in fairness, it's actually the Kotaku US twitch channel, but still.
    Where's the Kotaku AU twitch channel?

      We've only really got one dedicated Kotaku AU writer as it is. Everything else on this site is just a copy and paste from the Kotaku US so I doubt you'll be seeing anything like that anytime soon. If you're looking for good Aus twitch streamers Stephanie "Hex" is pretty good. Plus Channel 31's videogame show New Game Plus has a daily stream with rotating hosts that are pretty decent.

      I wish Jeremy "Junglist" Ray would stream though, I've tried watching Bajo's streams and they're just so cringe inducing. In a bit of cool news though, Gus "Goose" Ronald has been rehired to make some mature aged videos for the GG Youtube channel, and he's even about to start streaming too. Also, if you're still looking for Aus content, a guy named Aaron from Queensland gets his friend Gabriel to stream with him under KeepItClassy on both Twitch and Youtube, Gabe being the guy Yahtzee used to make Youtube videos with before he moved to the US.

        Streams are something we've kicked around in the past, but conditions haven't really been apt to kick off streaming locally beyond a few isolated circumstances (like the Bajo Shadow of War stream, which was great fun). It's something I'd like to do more this year, especially since my home internet is now capable of streaming more than adequately.

        We're also looking at having at our podcast in the short-term future as a joint thing with the tech/gaming people over at Pedestrian, so we're branching out a little more this year than we were able to before.

          Oh wow that'd be great, I'd really love to see some more Australian content. Sorry for doubting this idea.

            No no, all good! I've wanted to do more of this for aggggggggges.

            Better still: what would you like to see? (@john_stalvern, you might want to chime in here too!)

              Yarr, tis a fine question indeed.
              I think what I would expect from Australia's premiere gaming website* would be first looks at new games, assuming budgets allow for it.
              Maybe little TAY playdates or something, little community events, that might be a laugh.
              And you can't go wrong with the old classic: games that you personally enjoy. Streamers who are enjoying themselves are more fun than those who aren't.

              And get Mark back. His voice is great.

              *I assume.

              Last edited 21/02/19 8:26 pm

    The devil may cry, but he chooses not to.

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