Someone Left A Watermark In Kingdom Hearts 3

Someone Left A Watermark In Kingdom Hearts 3

Blink and you’ll miss some of the best secrets in Kingdom Hearts 3, like a watermark that someone accidentally left in while rendering the cut-scenes.

See where it says “Arnold” up there by Elsa’s arm (via Reddit)? That’s a big ol’ watermark that you’ll get in the animation software Maya if you don’t have an Arnold rendering licence while trying to batch render a scene.

You have to try really hard to see it, as it only pops up for a single frame, but go to 9:55 here to see for yourself:

Video games are typically rendered in real-time, generating graphical effects as you move throughout the world, but cut-scenes like this one (from the Frozen world) are usually pre-rendered. Whichever computer(s) handled that process clearly didn’t have the Arnold licence installed. Whoops.

Or maybe this is a subtle reference to Mr. Freeze. Or maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 took so long to make, their licenses expired along the way.


  • Seems weird it would only appear on one frame. If the cause is not having a licence, why wouldn’t it appear on all frames? Unless one unlicenced PC was part of a rendering farm and this was the only frame it did. ‘Tis a puzzlement.

  • I’m guessing one of the render nodes lost contact with the licence server, then again if that was the case, it shouldn’t have rendered at all.

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