The Best Bargains Under $15 From Steam's Lunar Sale

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It's that time of year again: great fireworks, flashy Mei skins, banging BBQ roast pork and some wonderful night markets. The Chinese New Year or Lunar Year has returned, and as is customary, it's also time for Steam to discount a ton of games.

This post has been updated with more discounts, including games under $15, to coincide with the final day of the sale.

The sale will run until 0500 AEDT / 0200 AWST / 0430 ACST / 0400 AQST. And as is the case with previous sales, the best way to navigate through the sea of discounts is either by using your Steam wishlist - there's probably a bunch of games on there you've forgotten about - or through the sales tracker over at

Updated since last year, the tracker now has the ability to search within a discount range, and it's been fully updated to support Australian pricing. If you just want individual games, however, every link below will take you direct to the listing.

If you're after those AA games or high profile indies that typically sold for $20 or more, plenty have dropped below $15. And there are a ton of bangers absolutely worth owning: Ultimate Chicken Horse, South Park: Stick of Truth, Helldivers and SOMA all come to mind.

Here's what's available for under $15:

To make things a little easier, every game below is under $10. Most are under $5 as well.

You can browse more deals to your heart's content through Steam directly, or through's sales tracker. The latter will let you search your wishlist in a single hit as well, although you'll have to connect your Steam account to the site to do so.


    Did anyone else get hosed on tokens? I only got the minimum 100 despite having spent at least $100 on Steam in the last 12 months. Feels like my account may have been glitched by the conversion of USD to AUD.

      $25US spent over the last year and i got 2000.

      I got 4000 and, according to the steam community page which won't let me sell anything, haven't made a purchase on Steam in over a year.

      2000 and ACO, JC4, and Return of the Obra Dinn purchased in the last year.

      1000 and I spent just under $100, the majority of which was gifting games to a family member, if that matters.

      Just worked it out, $397 in the last 12 months on steam (I bought a Vive so splerged on VR games) And received 2000 tokens. Seems a bit random.

    "Most of them are under $5 as well". Well... 'most' in this case implies a majority when the phrase you are looking for is actually "Exactly half of these are under $5 as well".

      Don't be silly, they wouldn't make a mistake like that! Theres at least 17 games under $5, out of a list of... 34.


    Wow, so many interesting games and so little money. I think I will start with Mass Effect 2. Thanks for this list :)

    Last edited 26/03/19 12:41 am

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