Steam Refunds Aussies 50 Cents After Mixup With Lunar Sale

Image: Steam

If you've logged into Steam at all this week, or seen the front page, you'll have been presented with an offer. Spend $45 or more, and you'll get a $8 discount on the first purchase. Small problem: people weren't getting the full discount.

It's a pretty simple deal, and one that you can still see in the Steam client or on the front page:

Image: Steam

But as one Kotaku Australia reader noticed, instead of a $8 discount, they were getting $7.50. Sure, it's a small amount, but the discount was a one-time offer. And when they went to checkout, the discount being applied was 50 cents short.

By itself, 50 cents is bugger all. Sure, you could probably get a game on Steam for that price, but individually it's chump change. But as our reader noted, it's an oversight that makes a huge difference when you average it out over hundreds of thousands of sales. Or the millions of Steam accounts registered in Australia.

It wasn't malicious, however. For users who went ahead with their purchases and received the $7.50 discount, Steam has sent out a notice saying that their offer was "incorrectly described".

"While the correct discount of A$7.50 was applied at your check out, we realise that the difference may have caused confusion," the notice to users read. "We will be granting your account shortly the difference, A$.50, in the form of Steam wallet credit. Additionally, we've changed the discount to A$8 off your first purchase of A$45 or more for the rest of the sale."

As an aside, the notice for Australian consumer laws has been visible on the front page and in the Steam client throughout the entirety of the Lunar Sale.


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