Symmetra Finally Makes Her Overwatch League Debut

Symmetra Finally Makes Her Overwatch League Debut

While Symmetra is by no means a new character to the roster, it has taken an entire year for someone to use this hero in a League match.

The first day of the Overwatch League saw some massive upsets in composition, picks and plays from some of the best Overwatch players in the world. The pick that caught everyone by surprise, however, was when Los Angeles Gladiators rolled Symmetra out against Seoul Dynasty.

As the official Twitter account noted, it’s the first time anyone has dealt damage with Symmetra in the league. It was always going to happen, given the limited pool of heroes and compositions, as well as the push to find solutions to combat the tank/healer heavy meta.

It was the DPS SureFour for the Gladiators, on Kings Row, who pulled out Symmetra on attack after his Sombra ultimate – the ‘EMP’ and Zarya’s shields on defence failed to make any real impact on the attacking Seoul Dynasty side.

Thanks to Gladiators’ huge amount of shields, the Gladiators carried through the first point – but were unable to make any more ground – losing the map 3-1.

(The switch is at the 11 minute mark.)

Symmetra’s abilities allow for a lot of versatility, with teams able to bypass choke points or send their ultimates like Junkrat’s ‘Rip-Tire’ and D.Va’s ‘Self Destruct’ through Symmetra’s teleport. Her ultimate can also be a big component in team fights, providing some much needed relief from incoming damage and giving your side control of the area.

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There is also the fact that a good Symmetra player can be the solution to the popular GOATS strategy that has been dominating the past few seasons of competitive and even some of the Overwatch League last year. Thanks to her passive on her Photon Projector firing into shields can ‘level’ up her damage and even lets her generate ammo when attacking a barrier. This allows her to just melt tanks like Reinhardt, Zarya, Orisa and Winston.

Symmetra Finally Makes Her Overwatch League Debut

Hopefully we will see more of her in the season as she is a breath of fresh air to the already stale compositions being played.

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