Taco Bell Made A Special Burrito Just For Osaka

Photo: Taco Bell

To celebrate the opening of a new Taco Ball in Osaka’s Umeda, the fast-food chain decided to turn the city’s soul food into a burrito.

Okonomiyaki is one of Osaka’s signature dishes. Made with cabbage, flour, egg, strips of pork and crunchy tempura bits, okonomiyaki means “however you like,” so people add all sorts of other stuff like cheese, mochi and kimchi. It’s then cooked like a pancake and slathered with savoury sauce.

It’s a truly delicious dish!

According to Taco Ball (via SoraNews), the okonomiyaki burrito is old sold at the Umeda and Dotonbori branches.

The okonomiyaki burrito appears to be stuffed with sliced cabbage, red peppers, meat and cheese and covered with a savoury sauce. Taco Bell says this is okonomiyaki that can be eaten with one hand.

Apparently, it’s tasty, too!


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