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  • Ahem *tap tap*
    Am I the only person that has played The Swindle and thinks it’s awesome? I’ve played a lot of highly rated games from AAA to indie in the last couple of years and keep coming back to The Swindle. But it doesn’t seem to get a lot of love

  • So, what do you guys think of Disney telling Star Wars Theory (YouTube channel) that he can make his Vader fanfic as long as he doesn’t crowdfund nor monetize it, then, after he’s poured about $100,000 of his own money into it, produces it, and it becomes massively popular, Disney and Warner Chappel copyright claim it, monetize it, and seize the ad revenue themselves? According to Star Wars theory, Warner Chappel claimed the video with Disney’s go-ahead, claiming that the original music that SW Theory hired an independent composer to write was very similar to the Imperial March. Then Warner Chappel turn around and tell SW Theory that, if he appeals the claim, they will claim the video again, strike his channel, and take steps to have YouTube wipe it from the platform. So, basically blackmail.

    As a life long Star Wars fan, I’m deeply disappointed in what Star Wars has become under Disney. I already knew that Disney was akin to a soulless mega-corp but this takes it to a whole new level.

    What do you guys think? If you go watch the video (it’s on the Star Wars Theory channel homepage) I’d say to enable AdBlocker first to keep Disney from profiting from your views.

    • For what little I understand of the law when it comes to music copyright, there were musical sequences in the fan film that sufficiently matched parts of the Imperial March to justify the claim. Even small parts, single chord progressions and the like, can be enough to invoke protection, as long as the rights holder can prove access (that the other party had heard the music before) and substantial similarity.

      That’s purely from a legal perspective. From an ethical perspective, I think Disney’s completely in the wrong. Even if you grant that they want to protect their music, at the very least they should give SWT the opportunity to rescore the parts of the music that are infringing. I only counted three or four occasions throughout the 15 minute video that had progressions that could be considered infringing, so it’s wholly unreasonable for them to be able to claim the entire video and take all the revenue generation from that.

      • Agreed. From a legal perspective, they can make the claim but even then they barely have a foot to stand on. However, Disney is under absolutely no threat by this video; it was not monetized and even if it had been, it would be a drop in the ocean compared to Disney’s profit from the SW travesties that they’ve already released (and I liked Rogue One). Under Disney, Star Wars is suffering a severe disconnect with its fans and this is not the way to heal that wound. Crediting SW Theory for his work probably would have done far more good and garnered them respect from the fans. It really is a case of just because you can doesn’t mean you should, and I really think it’s going to work against Disney.

        • As ineffective as I think boycotts for this kind of thing tend to be, the video isn’t generating that much money either. I think they’ll lose more from the backlash than they’ll make from the video’s monetisation.

          • I completely agree again. Even now that the video has been released and is, again, unmonetized, I think the backlash may still bite Disney hard.

          • It’s not even just the backlash. SW Theory is one of the few channels that refuses to bash the modern movies. He’ll do a video about why Mace Windu shaves his head when everyone else is posting clickbait hate videos. At a time when people are walking away from the movies he’s there building a strong case for the books and comics. It’s a very stupid boat for Disney to rock.

          • Been watching other content-creators’ reaction to the video being released today. Turns out that Warner Chappell, who claimed the video, proactively copyright claim all over YouTube on the behalf of copyright holders because they get a cut of the seized revenue. Apparently, their MO is to claim videos, take a cut, and threaten the creator not to appeal or they’ll lodge a strike against the channel. These people are the filth and scum on the earth; online bill collectors and parasites. However, they can be beaten and successful appeals are not uncommon, hence the threats. I hate what Disney has done to Star Wars but it’s possible that they didn’t have a say in the claim and seizure. That said, I doubt Disney, even Lucas Film, would have released the video if the backlash hadn’t been so immediate and fierce.

          • Oh yeah, they’re trash. They’re up near the top of the ‘absolute scum’ list along with Village Roadshow and Graham Burke. I’ve made a point of not buying anything VR puts out because of all that shit before.

          • I didn’t know that VR do it, too. Thanks for the info. I’ll take that page form your book and avoid anything they produce.

          • @geth VR didn’t do this, though it wouldn’t surprise me. They were the ones going after small fry pirates like kids and writing (illegal) threatening letters blackmailing them to pay fines without due process. Burke was simultaneously trying to get Australian copyright law changed so it’d be grossly imbalanced in their favour.

    • SW Theory also pointed out that other fan videos aren’t being seized, nor are the reviews of his video, all of which include the musical scores that are directly from or very close to the original music.

      • ?!?!?!?!?!

        Checking the channel… Watching it now…

        OUT-EFF’N-STANDING! Thanks for telling me. I wouldn’t have seen the update for several hours otherwise. I’m not happy with what has been going on with Star Wars under Disney but this is amazing news and good on Lucas Film for standing up and sorting this shit out. It looks like the Light Side still has a spark after all. This has made my day.

        Now that the Dark Side has been smacked down, I have no qualms about linking to the video:

  • I finally broke down and brought an XBOX One X. I wanted to wait for a 2TB version but for some reason Resident Evil 2 has me psyched for max graphics.

      • I should. I think about doing it all the time. I always end up chickening out because it’ll have my gamertag attached and aside from loving the name it also has a decade of history attached.

  • Finally approaching the end of my binge of the Doctor Who 2005+ series. Just started season 11. I have to admit, while I was unsure about some of the actors who played the Doctor in the first episode or two they were in, I’d come to really enjoy their take on the character by the end of their stint. Even to the point where I don’t think I could even pick out a favourite, I’ve enjoyed them all.

    Also, since I had never actually watched the 2005+ series until last year when I started this binge, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing. The show has a real knack for humanising problems, no matter the species or time period, and that underlying human story meshes really well with the otherwise classic sci-fi/historical settings.

    It’s also sparked some curiosity in how the original series was in comparison. I know there are significant chunks of episodes missing or being reconstructed because they were lost, but I think I’ll still try to dig up the old stuff and have a watch.

    • The original Doctor Who series I worth chasing, if only to see what the fuss was about. It has its highs and lows, but every actor brought something different to the role.

      Just remember they were all multipart, generally (but not always) around four 20 minute eps each. The ones longer than that were often the best of the lot. It fell away badly with the last of the original Doctors though, where it was clear the BBC wasn’t interested any more.

      • Yeah, I found that out from checking episode lists and seeing how they annotated the parts the BBC is still missing. I think they call them serials, anywhere from 3-10 episode storylines. Even with the missing serials, I’m still keen to check it out, and I think I’m fairly forgiving when it comes to the age and budget of shows like this.

        Side note, while I’d never seen any of the new series, I had caught a few reruns here and there of the old one as a kid. It was great, gave me nightmares. I only remember the one Doctor, Tom Baker, although it’s possible I also saw Jon Pertwee at some point too.

  • I had been playing Ori and the blind forest before I got sick, but I found myself getting really frustrated at it to the point where I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.
    @sernobulus suggested I should try Celeste instead because it’s a better platformer. Would anyone agree?

    • Those are two of my favourite games in recent years because of how good it feels to move around.

      Ori is a challenging game because deaths can be brutal and unforgiving. Managing energy for saves and having the right skills and resources can be tough.

      Celeste is the hardest game that anyone can beat. There are a lot of very difficult rooms to platform through but it always feels completely achievable, because it is.

      They’re not comparable games but Celeste is very unlikely to frustrate you in the same ways that Ori did.

      • I don’t mind difficult platformers, but I feel like Ori just didn’t give you a break.
        I just what I should ask is, which is closer to Shantae?

        • Haven’t played any Shantae so can’t make a fair comparison.

          You should try Celeste. It’s hard but rewardingly so.

          • I downloaded it last night and tried a bit more of Ori. I got further but I’ll give Celeste a go when I’m feeling better.

    • Ouch, did Ori really get that difficult later on? I started it a while back but stalled and always intended to come back.

      • Yup. You unlock some pretty amazing movement skills as the game goes on and the levels are designed around making you really use them.

        Some of the escapes are absolutely brutal. The music and sense of satisfaction when you get through makes it all worthwhile.

        • Interesting, I’ll have to go back to it at some point. It’s a really gorgeous game. Gris actually reminded me of Ori a little – the visual styles are very different, but the focus on smoothness and visual polish is something they both share. Also weird glowing mushrooms, they share that too.

  • Growing up I was always a massive 4x strategy game fanatic, I spent 1000’s of hours playing Civ and the likes. But one of my absolute favourite 4x games was Star Trek: Birth of the Federation.

    I haven’t had a PC for close on 10 years, so it’s been hard to scratch that 4x itch on consoles, but I’ve just stumbled upon Stellaris which is being released for Xbox next month. It looks just like Birth of the Federation! Can anyone confirm if this is similar to it?

    Either way, stoked that Xbox is getting a 4x game that looks fairly decent, so I’m keen to give it a try.

  • Last night my dumb fixation on platinums led me to do 100 cab fares in a row on the Vice City PS4 port. I was bumping around a washed out polygonal nightmare, wrangling dopey physics and dodging idiot driver AI and going back and forth from the same few landmarks. Airport, hardware store, auto shop, hardware store, pizza place, stadium, different pizza place, all popping in several seconds after anything shown on a 4K TV should. I questioned my life choices and unlocked bouncy taxis. Hope you are all well.

    • I think I remember doing something similar in San Andreas. I can’t honestly remember if it was for an achievement or something else, but by the end of it I was so done with taxi missions I never did another one again.

      • I spent so long doing the same thing in San Andreas that my character’s Hunger meter depleted, then his Muscle meter, and then his Health meter, and so when I got the 100th fare and had him step out he looked like the blurry alien from Signs

      • This was in all of the GTA games of the PS2 era. Unlocking Borgnine taxi in GTA 3, other stuff like getting to a certain level in paramedic missions would give you more health etc. Used to love the collectathon. GTA 5 however was mundane and didn’t seem to have any point to collecting items except for trophies.

        • There’s a lot I like about modern GTA but I do miss the arcade-y aspects of those sixth-gen games. Evidently Rockstar do a bit as well, given how they brought back rampages in V

        • I think GTA5 took a few steps back in the direction of Kill Frenzies but by that point GTA4 had taken the series so far away that a few steps back were barely noticeable. Rockstar are at a point where they really struggle to put something in without giving it some sort of real world narrative justification.

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