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    I think Capcom should remake/reenvision RE 3/4/5/6 in the same fashion as RE2. With the correct amount of Horror, inventory management and feel as their latest attempt.

      Not disagreeing but, given that ResE4 is very often seen as the pinnacle of the series, including in terms of inventory management, what do you think could be improved on it aside from a possible graphical upgrade?

        I agree with you. Might have misspoken on RE4. Maybe coming at it more of a 'can we please fix up some narrative issues'. But yes. RE4 is solid.

      RE5 and 6 aren't quite old enough yet for the remake treatment, but perhaps after they have finished doing RE3...

        Resi6 needs a new cover.

        And a new plot. It feels like just about anyone can now get bio-weapons if they really want to.

          Fun fact: I couldn’t play through RE6 because it gave me TERRIBLE motion sickness.

            Nothing about that fact sounds fun at all...

            I am so sorry. Motion sickness in games is the worst

      Re-release all of them and make it a collectors edition

      I'm happy with 4/5/6 where they are. They are what they are and 4/5 in particular are a lot of fun. I think RE3 will get it by default and it should suit the game pretty well. A lot of the areas where the series strayed in RE3 will work well with the new engine. Hopefully they don't forget about Code Veronica.

      Although that said I think RE2 is a bit of a perfect storm. The genre was at it's high point. The series was at it's high point. It didn't have much baggage and there seemed to be a feeling of clarity to what the game should be. REVII was a return to that form so with that engine they didn't really have to compromise anywhere.

      I actually want the original games re-released. Cleaned up as much as possible, but give us the definitive versions of RE1, RE2, RE3, Outbreak and Code Veronica

    20 hours into Kingdom Hearts III, and so far it's everything I was hoping for. Now my main question - other than how it ends, obviously - is where the series might go next. I think it definitely has a strong enough identity to try something outside of the action-RPG genre. Kingdom Hearts Tactics, anyone?

      The real question is, can you in 3 lines or less explain the plot of Kingdom Hearts?
      Genuinely curious, every Youtube explanation is 45 minutes at minimum.
      Sincerely, someone who may like to pick it up.

        OK, try this:

        In a universe where the abstract effects of people's hearts, souls, bodies and emotions are given physical form, a young boy gains the power to bring order to the tumultuous conflicts they cause. He and his newfound allies eventually realise that the various antagonising forces they face can be traced back to one inquisitive scientist, and his failure to scupper the ambitions of his ravenous apprentice. By reforming the fractured souls that lie within and without themselves as a result of this apprentice's actions, the boy and his friends must fulfill a long-destined showdown of darkness and light and save the worlds.

        I'm shaving a lot out, but hopefully that gives you some footing.

        Last edited 04/02/19 12:26 pm

          This was very well done. I may indeed pick up the game after all.

          Last edited 07/02/19 8:58 am

        They have a 19 minute video at the beginning of the game to catch you up

      The world selection is kinda dirt tier though, just started the pirate world and its dragging real hard (fuck ardenell, how many times you gotta climb the damn mountain)

        I wrote up a spontaneous 3000 word rant after finishing it, it was such an enormous step backward in the series that left a sour taste in the pit of my stomach. I could have handled a mediocre game, but the admittedly great closing act of the game shined a spotlight on just how rubbish the game was up until that point. I returned it yesterday. When the community review post goes up, I'll put up the full document.

    I'm starting my first ITX build this week, got a few decent deals on some components. Anybody build ITX and have any hints? I've done ATX and mATX a few times before.

        Hmmm I've only done one ITX system before really. TBH, unless you're planning to use it as a media centre or something might be best to avoid it. They are so tiny that they tend to either be super hot, or super cramped with enough cooling (more cramped than they already are, which is a nightmare.)
        If the machine won't have a huge workload though, there's honestly not much difference between doing one, and doing a normal pc. Just size. Everything inside works the same. Just a matter of looking for a motherboard that has the features you want. No real tricks that are going to make life any easier unfortunately.
        I haven't looked at any ITX boards in ages either, cos hardly anybody I know wants them, so I can't really recommend one over another.

          Might sound weird, but these days if you're building anything that doesn't require any expansion slots (no discrete GPU, etc), something like the Intel NUC is fantastic. The standard model is 4 inches square, 1.5 inches tall, has network and USB ports and can handle 4K video output for a media centre without a problem. It has an M2 slot inside so you can put big internal storage in too, and point it at your NAS for more media storage.

            Indeed! I was a little bit too specific perhaps by saying using it as a media centre, but basically meant if you're not planning on gaming with it, or doing anything that needs a decent GPU.
            They are fine for just using as a standard computing machine or the likes. The GPU's you can get for them though, despite having cooling, can still generate a massive amount of heat, and depending on where you live, that can be a problem. I would never recommend someone in QLD get one, cos it'd just melt in summer time. i feel for my full size pc on days like I had here yesterday. Was 45C in my house at 10am :\

      If its a particularly small build, think about space before you buy components.

      Also, maybe think about why ITX. You can get pretty small with mATX and even ATX without sacrificing everything.

    I thought Apex Legends was pretty fun!

    Hey, Tay. Has anyone else had trouble finding a copy of Dragon Quest XI in this country? I was overseas when it was released and returned to find nothing in the month since. I mean could go up to a counter and order a copy I guess, but it's a AAA title and I'd expect it to be on the shelves. I reckon I've popped into five JB's and six EB's in my recent travels and still haven't seen a single copy.

      I didn't have any trouble picking one up from my local EB. There weren't a huge number of copies but it was available when i wanted to buy it.

        That's so odd. I've checked stores from Sydney, Central Coast, and beyond Newcastle (it's probably a higher number than I mentioned above, I just didn't wanna seem ludicrous) and have found zilch. Just want some DQ!

          I'm in the central west area of NSW (west of Bathurst) and this was last October i bought it, don't know if that makes a difference. I loved it!

          You might be out of luck for a local copy, but it looks like you can order it off the EB website still.

            Thanks for checking that dude! Muchly appreciated.
            I think I will wait for the Switch release now. There's bound to be additional content and it will be playable in handheld mode, which is great when you have a wife that absorbs Netflix/Stan/Prime content at a TV hogging rate. I mean I could go downstairs and play on another TV, but then we're in separate rooms entertaining ourselves, and I feel like that's the precursor to having separate bedrooms and separate friends.
            I know that's over thinking it, but I'm trying not to dismiss my partner's needs in favour of video games this time around.

    @alexwalker I like train games. My dad had an old switching game back on the Amstrad where you had to get trains from one side of a route to the other without running into each other. The modern Train Simulator type games aren't bad, although the DLC pricing is just insane.

    Then there's multiplayer. Always sounds like a good idea, but then you have drop-in multiplayer can lead to playing with people who are just shits, or trolls, or just like messing with people who are just trying to have some fun. Bit of a story I guess, but it's topically relevant to today in particular: how do you manage to deal with players that just love driving the trains off the fucking rails at every opportunity? Or the ones that just park themselves right in the way and refuse to move? Honestly, makes me want to just stop playing some days.

      I never really thought train griefing would be a thing...

        Trains make for decent metaphors. Railroading, derailing, losing steam, losing traction, that kind of stuff.

    @thabananaman I got a copy of DXI! I found it at an EB store in Maitland, NSW.
    Once RDR2 is wrapped up for me, I'll be getting into it.

    Last edited 08/02/19 11:03 am

      Fantastic news. I had a blast and i'm sure you'll love it too.

    All of this apex nonsense (it's actually a pretty good BR! WTF?) has made me feel like I need to punch some robots with my robot.

    Anyone interested in getting some Titanfall 2 multi happening?

      I'm into "Robots punching other robots" as a genre but have yet to play a game depicting said robot on robot action since maybe Zone of the Enders (if that counts). Two years back I imported Macross 30, but it's more flight sim/shooter. Long before these I had Tech Romancer on Dreamcast, which was awesome. But now, I got nothin' and I've been eyeing off those Gundam Warriors games, even though I don't follow the franchise.

      Can anyone recommend me a rad mech combat game? (I don't do Xbox One, sorry).

        It's hard to go past the Battletech/Mechwarrior series. If you don't mind vintage games, you've basically got your pick from either top-down strategy games or first person mech piloting games. Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries and Mechwarrior 4 are regarded as some of the best of the series, and there's the recent Battletech TBS game that had a pretty solid discount just recently and might still.

          Cheers man. I'm a big fan of MW2 and it's expansions. Played a lot of them back in the day. Even throttled the PSX version. Didn't stay for the sequels though.
          I looked up BattleTech and it sounds great. Maybe it'll make up for the lack of a proper Front Mission after all these years (that reboot was not what we needed).

            Battletech is really damn good.

            Titanfall 2 has some wonderful robot action if you haven't played it yet. I was hoping to bring the multiplayer back from the dead because it's the best competitive shooter since Titanfall 1, which was the best shooter since like... idk. A long time.

          MW3 was the last one I really enjoyed. I don't feel any have captured the 'feel' of the series since. I played Armoured Core for the 'floaty' mech games.

            Oh man I could really go a new AC game right now. Been too long.

    I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been an article about CD Projekt Red paying the Witcher author more money, I've read it on a couple of sites already.

      I'm assuming a lot of staff did hard work for song in order to get the Witcher going.
      It's not like there's oodles of money to invest in gaming in Poland. I'd doubt their government would bankroll any aspect of it.

    Hi! I am looking to take the perfect cosplay selfie, but I just don't know where to start? Any cosplayers out there prepared to share some top tips? I'll be busy for the next few hours overclocking my PC, so I'll check back in after that.

    Team Cherry just announced a new Hollow Knight focusing on Hornet. So no DLC but an entire new game focused on the best girl! So excited

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