Tetris Is The Latest Series To Become A Battle Royale

Tetris is the latest series to become a battle royale. Yes, that Tetris. Tetris 99, which Nintendo just announced is available on Switch right now, is a 99-player version of the uber classic. Last person standing — or I guess stacking — wins.


    A friend of mine used to play Tetris attack for years. I'm sure he'll want to jump on board for this

    Nintendo is ripping sick burns on gaming fashion now.

    But knowing them it'll actually be a compelling game anyway.

    So I've played this for about half an hour now and it's... great. I mean, it's Tetris so of course it's great but I haven't had this much fun with competitive Tetris since Tetrinet was a thing.

    Patch this mode into Tetris Effect please.

    To be honest, I think to myself, why not. I'm not into battle royale games at all but there's no reason that this is any worse or less legitimate of an idea than any of the many games that are so popular at the moment. But why not apply the 'model' to other games and genres besides, mainly, shooters? A lot of people love to get the competitive juices flowing and the whole 'last person (gender neutral!) standing' aspect is very appealing. Applying this approach to older games like Tetris really makes a lot of sense and I expect other series to follow suit. Puzzle games, hack and slash games....and can you imagine the next installment of something like Bayonetta having a battle royale mode? That would be insane.

      Maybe this could be the thing that finally pulls F-Zero from the grave. 30 players per race, the idea of an online version verging on a racing BR already and that's before you even get to Death Race.

      Although lol at the idea of their online being able to handle that many players at once.

    This is both totally ridiculous and totally sensible.
    Like, it's very much jumping on the Battle-Royale bandwagon, but multiplayer Tetris is fun and if it's what you're into I can totally see this being your new favourite way to play.

    I guess it boils down to the old "if it's stupid but it works, then it isn't stupid".

    might be the first battle royal that i can get into :P haha

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