The Best Bargains From GOG's 80 Percent Sale

Cracking cyberpunk RPGs for the price of a coffee, dinosaur shooters for a song and the best hits from Looking Glass for less than the price of a train ride. GOG's got some quality bargains today, and here's the pick of the bunch.

The headline bargains involve Shadowrun: Hong Kong, BattleTech, the remastered Turok games, and the Tropico series. All prices below are in Australian dollars; each link will take you directly through to the listing, but you can also navigate to the games directly through the GOG Galaxy launcher.

With the sale running for one last day, this post has been retimed for anyone who might have missed it the first time around.

You can view the full list of deals, which will be available until tomorrow, here or through GOG Galaxy.


    Stop it! I already have more games than I need, I don't need more!

    I remember Terra Nova being awesome but think I'll leave that nostalgia intact

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