The Best Japanese Snow Sculptures Of 2019

Image: Lucasfilm,Image: Sapporo Tourism

The Sapporo Snow Festival is in underway in Hokkaido, Japan. These are some of the best snow sculptures on display.

Have a look!

The Japanese military pitches in to build the most massive of the snow sculptures.

The 2019 Sapporo Snow Festival runs until February 11.


    But...companies made these. They're not done by unaffiliated people. That's sorta like showing off official cosplays. I get the idea, but it feels wrong to flaunt them as amazingly done. Of course they're amazing, the company paid them to do it.

      Do you feel the same way about awesome concept art that companies pay their artists to make? I think great work is great work regardless of who pays for it.

        It's great work, but it's being presented as something that amateurs are doing. Like at a sand castle contest. They aren't working for a corporation, they're just people who build sandcastle art daily. I know it's a silly complaint, but it just feels wrong.

          Nah, it's not silly. I didn't get that impression myself but I understand where you're coming from.

    Anybody else has to click through each link instead of the pictures appearing directly on the page, or is it just me?

      yup same for me. I just can't be bothered clicking.

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