The Free Return Flight Deal To Japan Is Back

Who wants a (cheap) holiday?

Jetstar's free return flight deal to Japan is live once again, with flights available from Adelaide, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane to either Tokyo or Osaka from $300. The cheapest deals are direct out of Cairns or the Gold Coast, but if you're flying from Sydney or Melbourne, you'll be looking at closer to $500 (after you factor in an extra charge for checked baggage).

Here's the full list of times when you'll be able to take the flights, as well as directions on how to get the free return flight. Note that flights will route through Cairns or the Gold Coast if you're flying from another state, so keep that extra time in mind when planning.

Click the ‘Find Flights’ link next to your preferred flight below, or search for the flights you want.
Make sure you select a ‘return’ booking.
Select your first flight on any travel date.
For your return flight, search for flights between the following dates (exact travel periods may differ between destinations):
From Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns - 6 May to 19 May, 21 June to 9 July, 21 August to 19 September and 7 November to 12 December 2019.
From Tokyo (Narita) via Gold Coast - 7 May to 4 July, 21 August to 19 September and 8 November to 13 December 2019.
From Osaka (Kansai) via Cairns - 6 May to 20 May, 17 July to 6 August, 19 August to 18 September and 8 November to 13 December 2019.
Enter the number of passengers you’d like to book for and click ‘Continue’.
Look for a return flight labelled $0 (may not be available on all flights or days).

For more details, head here. The deal will be available until February 5.


    It appears Perth isn't actually included in this sale this time

      Selfishly happy Perth isnt included as I already booked my flights for may 15 and I hate when that happens

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