The Internet Reacts To Pokémon Sword And Shield’s Starters


Today Nintendo finally released some information about the upcoming Pokémon games for Switch. They’re called Pokémon Sword and Shield, and the starters are absolutely adorable.

The region where this game will take place is called Galar, and is based on the United Kingdom. The three starters, Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey, are the Pokémon that will accompany you on the start of your journey to become Pokémon Champion.

People are already picking favourites. I love Scorbunny, though I also have a soft spot for Sobble. Grookey is also present.

Pokémon fans are also making some fun observations, and as to be expected, incredible jokes.

As far as how these Pokémon will play, we’ll only figure that out when we get the game in late 2019. For now, please send me all your fanart of Scorbunny, thank you.


    • And it’ll probably get worse upon evolution.
      Like, it’ll go: Scorbunny > Scorbbit > Fire Crotch

      I think ‘scorbunny’ sounds better when you say it like ‘Albany’.

    • Scorbunny is just torchic. There’s only so many ways you can roll a cute animal in a fire element, I’d actuslly be way more imoressed if they changed up the starter elements.

          • Except it wouldn’t because dark is immune to psychic. Fire/grass/water is the only perfect trio because of the super effective advantage in one direction and resist in the other. The next closest would be fighting/flying/rock, and then psychic/dark/fighting.

            I’d prefer the usual fire/water/grass as it’s the perfect introduction for new players to the type system, but then add an additional one or two starters of unrelated types and who would preferably be at a type disadvantage at the first gym(s).

          • Also steel hasn’t resisted dark since gen six. Sorry for double reply but editing comments tends to be wonky

          • Huh, I looked up a type chart specifically to double check that my old knowledge was correct. I guess it got changed in Sun/Moon. Never went far in that one.

            Also totally forgot about Dark being immune to psychic.

        • Psychic Dark Steel was the name of a pornographic superhero movie I once watched. So homoerotic…

    • Squirtle. A literal squirting turtle from the first game. It’s not exactly a new practice to mash together a few words and call it done.

      Scorbunny will still probably be my first pick in this game though.

      • At least ‘Squirtle’ is a proper mashup. Scorbunny is just putting scorch and bunny tigether and removing the ch. If they did that in gen 1, we’d have Squirturtle.

        • Squirtles first evolution is literally Wartortle…

          People need to stop thinking Pokemon names have ever been smart haha

          • How? They’re both just silly names. Pokemon is fine, we see this same tired discussion every new generation and they still rock and still sell a billion copies haha.

          • How? They’re both just silly names.

            They changed the ‘u’ to an ‘o’ giving it a rhyme with the first part of the name. War tor. Which is also clever because it both sounds like ‘water’ and ‘war torn’

  • I was kinda hoping they’d celebrate this new-but-also-exactly-the-same era in Pokemon by giving us the first three starters again, but as regional variants.
    These will do, I guess.

    I only dig Grookey so far, but hate his name. It’s still better than Scorbunny.

  • I feel the designs are names are very bland and lazy to be perfectly honest. I know that previous generation used similar naming conventions but they rolled off the tongue way better. It’s my own fault but I was expecting everything to be amazing with Gen 8 and the move to console but they’ve really given me a poor first impression with the starters. I honestly feel like they’re the worst designs we’ve had.

  • Better not be another Fire/Fighting, but they’ve already made it seem so sporty. What other type would fit that?
    Wonder if it will evilve to Flarehare or something. Flhare.

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