The PS Classic Is Basically A Free Gift Now

The PS Classic Is Basically A Free Gift Now

The PS Classic didn’t turn out the way Sony, or gamers, really hoped. So, naturally, the only response left is to discount the living hell out of it to the point where it’s basically free.

In Australia, if you want the PS Classic it’ll set you back – at best – $89. That’s how much Domayne are charging, which is already a substantial price drop given the PS Classic was selling for $149.95 three months ago.

Overseas, retailers are being substantially more aggressive. Remember the German retailer that was giving Fallout 76 away for free every time when you bought a controller?

German Stores Are Giving Fallout 76 Away In Very Sad Promos

GameStop are running a promotion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where anyone buying a used PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller gets a free copy of the online shooter.

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That’s basically what’s starting to happen to the PS Classic. Our Gizmodo UK colleagues have reported that the PS Classic is now being bundled in as a sweetener for 12-month phone and 30-day SIM only plans through Fonehouse or Vodafone.

If you just wanted the console, buying it outright would be cheaper. But when the console is no longer a drawcard … that’s a pretty steep decline after three months.

Over in Canada, Costco are literally flogging the PS Classic away for $CAD30, which is just under $32 in dollarydoos:

That’s a quarter of the price from launch. It’s not even a major sale period like Black Friday or Boxing Day, where that kind of substantial discount would make sense. It’s simply a reaction to demand: the PS Classic didn’t stick at all, and retailers are finding themselves stuck with unwanted inventory.

Over in Kuwait, online retailer X-cite is posing a question. What would you rather as a bonus with a new PS4 or PS4 Pro, a second controller or the PS Classic?


You’d probably get more value out of the controller.

It’s a shame, because the idea of the PS Classic had so much promise. On the bright side, despite the borked emulation, we can at least appreciate that the PS Classic had some smashing ads.


  • Second controller is way better value than the PS Classic. Those things are surprisingly pricey and the battery life isn’t fantastic so useful to have one charging while using the other.

    • I really enjoyed the features from the hackchi program used for the mini NES and SNES classic consoles. I know there is similar program in development for the PS Classic, so I’m still interested in purchased the item but at a later date.

  • 3D gaming just doesn’t have the nostalgia hit that 2D gaming did. Apart from the fact that the mini-console looks cool, I don’t think it would matter what games were on it, it still wouldn’t get anywhere near the sales of the SNES and NES mini’s.

    I have a feeling a Mini N64 would have a similar result. As much as I loved my N64, the games just don’t hold up as well these days.

    • Yeah, there are a few exceptions (often stuff which used a lot of sprites anyway, like eg Symphony of the Night) but the bulk of early 3D-era games look like complete shit. 2D stuff has some timeless aesthetic appeal, but the 3D stuff only has nostalgia going for it. And also a lot of the cream of that crop are available easily enough on other systems.

      It also didn’t help that the PS Classic is woefully underpowered and just isn’t up to scratch for emulating a lot of the games. The reason they picked PAL versions a lot of the time was simply that PAL copies target a slower framerate, and even some of those don’t emulate well on it.

    • I think theres a core of N64 games that would tug at the nostalgia strings far better than this PSC stuff did, simply because they’re Nintendo products that tend towards the cartoony more than realism.

      The PSC fell down for me because you could see the natural progression from what looks like garbage today, through to modern games. None of the games I thought were must haves and nostalgia cant get a look in. But a Super Mario 64, or Ocarina of Time sort of game wouldn’t suffer from that.

      Goldeneye probably would, and if you were looking at the best titles from the N64 that would be on the shortlist, but licensing is going to rule it out if they do make a N64 Classic.

      Because Nintendo largely concentrates on its own licences, I also think it has a far easier time picking a good gamelist. Even the ‘bad’ SNES Classic games are decent.

      They could have tapped into that with the PS Classic, but the game choices just didn’t let it happen. So in the end, it fell as flat as the Atari, C64, and MegaDrive classics did.

  • I’m a big fan of Sony usually. My tv, sound system and primary console are all made by them. They make good stuff, which makes it more bitterly disappointing that the PS classic was so thoughtlessly realised. It’s basically a shoddy cash grab when it could have been brilliant.
    They didn’t include enough games, and the games they did include were like wtf!?!?
    No graphical options even though it’s running on a emulator capabale of them. No dual shocks, which has to be the biggest blunder of them all.
    Complete failure…

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