The Toys Of The 1980s Are Making A Major Comeback This Year

Blockbusters like the Star Wars trilogy, as well as unregulated TV advertising to kids, helped the ’80s churn out some of the most memorable toys of all time. Thirty years later, the ’80s are enjoying a renaissance thanks to shows like Stranger Things, and toymakers are happy to resurrect and hawk classic collectibles to a generation that refuses to let go of their childhoods — but with upgrades to appeal to today’s kids, too.

Retro gaming is more popular than ever, and arcade classics like Pac-Man have been miniaturized to the size of a credit card, while even Golden Tee has been shrunk so the pub classic can finally squeeze into your tiny apartment. Ernő Rubik’s multi-coloured puzzle cube is still popular, but it’s now been gamified with unlockable achievements and even hints when you get stumped so you don’t have to resort to sticker peeling.

Hasbro’s Transformers are still going strong, but 2019 will see figures sporting many of the characters’ original ’80s animated designs thanks to the popularity of the recent Bumblebee movie, and the film franchise’s recently-announced reboot. Speak & Spell is back with a voice you might actually understand now, and Pictionary returns after the game’s traded its doodle pads and markers for a glowing stylus that creates drawings that are only visible on a smartphone or tablet.

Even Trivial Pursuit is getting a retro facelift with a new Stranger Things theme that includes questions that will test your memory about your childhood, and the ’80s. It’s a good thing you watched so much TV growing up, right?