The World's Biggest Detective Conan Fan

Screenshot: なっツン

Twitter user Katamari really like the Japanese manga and anime Detective Conan (aka Case Closed) a lot. Maybe more than anyone else on Earth.

Just check out her collection of Conan goods:

She has been a fan for the past 24 years.

Screenshot: なっツン

And has been interviewed on Japanese TV for her Conan love (above) and run a marathon dressed as the character (top image).

Screenshot: なっツン

She got married on June 21, which is the same day as Conan creator Gosho Aoyama’s birthday.

Screenshot: なっツン

And even filled out a Conan themed married registration form!

She thanks you for checking out her collection. You can follow Katamari here on Twitter for more Detective Conan.


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