This Life-Sized Pokémon Plush Toy Is Quite Long

This Life-Sized Pokémon Plush Toy Is Quite Long

Furret is a Long Body Pocket Monster measuring in at 1.52m, 28cm long. The character is getting a life-sized plush toy that is, well, long.

Fun fact: While Furret is 5’11”, Charizard is only 5’07”.

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Priced at 30,240 yen ($381), this life-sized Furret is available for order in Japan from February 23.

Back in 2014, Twitter user Kassai Kotora made a three-feet six-inch long Furret that weighed a hefty 3kg.

Now, folks who can’t make their own Furret, can buy one—a bigger one!


  • Furret is my 2nd fave Pokemon (after Charmeleon). I normally snub my nose at the idea of buying plushies but I think I’d have a hard time walking past this.
    The dogs would just hump it though.

    • P.S. Real ferrets are the closest thing to actual Pokemon you can own IRL. I had five. It was awesome. Treat them like house pets though and don’t leave them in cages all day. You don’t get to know them if they just sit there bored behind bars. They’re too special for that life.

        • Look man, if the Pokemon wanted to fight back they could. It’s not like you ever see Ash, Brock or Misty performing Thunder Shock, Hydro Pump, or Milk Cannon.
          They just like the marginalisation enslavement offers because it makes them feel useful, I guess.

          • I always assumed the Pokeballs reconditioned the Pokemon, ala Clockwork Orange. I mean, wild Pokemon do fight trainers, and then they’re suddenly all docile after being crammed into a 5cm diameter sphere…? Suspicious… o.o

          • Has there been any official depiction of the interior of a Pokeball yet?
            For some reason I always thought that the Pokemon was broken down to it’s 1’s and 0’s, converted to light and then perpetually bounced around inside the pokeball via a mirror array.
            I dunno where I got that from. Maybe that “Electric Boogaloo” manga I have somewhere.

  • I still want that giant snorlax you guys had an article about ages ago. I just have to buy a full-sized bed for it first.

  • measuring in at 1.52m, 28cm long

    Something went wrong with the automated imperial-to-metric conversion?

    While Furret is 5’11”, Charizard is only 5’07″…
    a three-feet six-inch long Furret that weighed a hefty 3kg.

    Yeah. The automatic Australianisator looks like it’s broken.

  • For some reason this article put “long long maaaaaaaaaaaaan” in my head.

    Thanks Kotaku. Now I have to watch Youtube videos of the greatest love story ever told.

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