This Superbowl Ad For A Superhero Lawyer Is Extremely Extra

The Superbowl always has one or two good ads, but one ad in particular this year was spectacularly absurd.

It's courtesy of Darryl Isaacs, the lawyer who apparently specialises in big checks, Kentucky Justice and flying around in an Iron Man-style suit with a Thor-esque hammer. It's spectacularly shitty compared to what you'd expect from your typical Superbowl ad, which is part of what makes the whole thing work.

Isaacs & Isaacs, whose used to advertise fairly ordinary ambulance chaser-style ads during the Superbowl, released an especially crappy Game of Thrones-themed ad last year. It's also worth wasting 60 seconds of your Monday for.


    Still better than the halftime show.

      Stabbing myself in the ear was more entertaining than the half-time show.

    Man that would have cost him a packet!

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