Today, Pokémon Was Born 23 Years Ago 

Today, Pokémon Was Born 23 Years Ago 

On February 27, 1996, Pokémon Red and Blue were released, giving birth to one of the most popular franchises in history.

Card games, sequels and anime followed, all of which have been enormously popular. Pokémon director took to Twitter to celebrate the series’s birth, adding, “Today is a day that’s been supported by numerous people. I have nothing but gratitude.”

On Twitter, fans have also been thanking Pokémon for the past 23 years.


  • Jesus Oak Christ! That went quickly.
    And to think my original Pokemon are all still alive, some sitting on the original carts, others long transported via multi-generational handheld devices and now living in Pokemon bank.
    I remember getting all 151 (including a legit Mew or five from that first event with the weird SNES consoles) and all I got out of it was that stupid in-game certificate.
    I expected some form of “We now invite you to the REAL final gym!” kinda dealy-o, but no. Just the cert.

    • I remember going to youth group and my mates would all bring there trained up Pokemon to battle, then I show up with 6 MewTwo’s since no one used ghost Pokemon I fucking rolled everyone.

  • I tried finding a copy of Pokemon red when “GO” came out couldn’t find a copy for less than $80, ended up buying it digitally on the phone, it is the only game that has lived up to the nostalgia.

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