Here’s The Toy Story 4 Superbowl Teaser

Here’s The Toy Story 4 Superbowl Teaser

Joining Avengers, weird lawyers and a host of other franchises to make announcements during the Superbowl: Toy Story 4.

The 30 second trailer shows off Buzz in an early predicament: being stuck as a prize at a theme park. It’s a quick look at the environment and some of the animations, which as you’d expect for Pixar, are superb.

Toy Story 4 launches in Australian theatres June 20.


  • Oh god. I thought that Peele and Kaylay or whatever their names are were just a joke. They’re actually in this?!

    • Yeah, I mean I can’t imagine Pixar crashing out entirely on their flagship series, but these first couple of trailers are giving a slightly concerning vibe of mid 2000s Dreamworks.

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