Turning Snack Packaging Into Amazing Art

Snack packaging gets a second life as wonderful papercraft thanks to a Japanese art student.

Harukiru, a student at Kobe Design University, makes these striking sculptures by cutting up the packing with scissors or a blade. Kotaku previously featured his paper gun that shoots wooden bullets.

These days, he’s best known for his snack packaging sculptures. The above Ritz Cracker lion took three days to finish!

When asked if he ate all the Ritz crackers, he replied that he has a long battle ahead of himself.

The way Harukiru sees papercrafts in packaging is remarkable.

The sculptures are so detailed.

What makes his art so interesting is that sometimes the sculpture is a riff on the product name.

For example, the name of these cookies is Koala’s March.


Be sure to follow Harukiru on Twitter for more incredible papercrafts.


    This is really interesting but an article containing links to twitter is not.
    Mayhaps a layout something akin to the Fine Art pieces with a single link would be easier viewing?

      I'm pretty sure those twitter links used to expand into twitter widgets which would actually show the images, but I can't get that to work anymore. It's really tiresome having to open each link to see what it's referring to.

        I get the twitter widgets perfectly on other websites. It's definitely something to do with Kotaku's own code.

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