What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Now that the weather has turned and I'm not required to camp in front of the aircon for the next 48 hours, it's a good time to get some gaming done.

I'm very specifically looking forward to a mix of board games and their digital variants this weekend. The digital board game in question is Evolution, which comes at a fun time: a friend and I have been waiting to play Evolution Climate for literally years, so being able to get some expertise with the franchise (even if it's not the exact game) is nice.

On the physical side, I'll be checking back in with When in Rome. That's a board game powered by Alexa that's a more casual, general knowledge affair. Mothership, a space tactics game designed in Australia, is also going to get a playthrough.

What will you be playing this weekend?


    Probably the Anthem demo. Still want to test how it runs on my laptop, so I know whether the PC or PS4 version is better for me when I eventually buy it.

    Diablo 3 with the kids.

    Persona 5 in 'me time'.

    Yokai Watch 2 post-game stuff when I'm on the go. Maybe some Miku or Dungeon Travelers 2 post-game grinding on PS Vita if I feel like a change.

    Definitely going to try out the Anthem demo on PC.

    Also going to try and get my S+ runs for Leon and Claire on RE2. Dabble in some WoW as well.

    Mutant: Year Zero. I feel I'm probably about half way through and it's fantastic! Have to say that I've never really played a tactical turn based game before but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    Sunless Skies for me! Was a huge fan of Sunless Sea (and enjoyed Fallen London). Already played a bit of it during Early Access but now I'm ready to dive (or fly?) into it further.

    I picked up Elite Dangerous recently in a humble bundle sale after seeing it covered in VR videos. I have no idea how this one has escaped me for so long.

    I'll hop on the Anthem demo to try out the other javelins, as I nly had a chance to play Ranger and Storm last weekend. Also try and get some friends together to try out proper coop on the harder difficulties and pick their thoughts a bit. Also, might try and get the Last Word quest done this weekend while Mayhem's still up, and get some progress on my Metro playthrough... still not sure if I want to get Exodus on PC, but no harm in being ready.

      Just on this, was reading earlier that anyone that played Anthem last weekend will still have access to all the Javelins, while those (like me) coming in fresh this weekend will only have the initial two the VIP's started with last weekend.

      Whether the others get unlocked along the way or not I dunno, but its something to be aware of.

        I'm not sure - haven't heard either way, but I have only heard about the unlocks in reference to the VIP demo and that it carries forward to this weekend, so I'd expect it's last demo players only.

    We happy few, if it's not too hot

    Warframe with friends and I feel like I want to check out Kingdom Hearts 3 but I'm not entirely feeling 100% motivated though. I've never been a big fan of the Disney side of things and like the game best when it's focusing on Sora's story or doing Square character cameos. (ie. The FF crew) It looks like 3 goes full Disney though and the worlds they chose are not the most interesting choices so it's a miss-miss on that front. (Well, I am a bit of a Big Hero 6 fan though)

    I know I'll still play it though. I hate leaving series I've invested in unfinished...

    I'll give Anthem a try, and try to get a bit of KH3 in (only just hit the second area), but most of the weekend is busy already

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