What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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It's my birthday! Hence, the weekend is a time for celebration. Or in my nerdy case, finally getting something of my board game bucket list.

That game is Gaia Project, a massive sci-fi 4X set in the world of Terra Mystica. It's the kind of game that generally takes about three hours to play when you've got a group of three or four, but if you're playing for the first time, will probably take five or six.

So it's kind of understandable that it's gone unplayed so far. Not many people are in for that kind of time investment in any game these days. People generally want something that will be over faster, but could be played multiple times.

Beyond that, I'll also be enjoying the first round of a new RPG called The Veil. The worldbuilding process for that has been fascinating - I'll probably write about it today or next week - and it'll be fun to get some cyberpunk RPG sessions going.

Oh, and obviously, a bit of Apex Legends. It's nice to finally have NBN.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Hmmm Kingdom Hearts 3 while I sample this new 3-cheese-stacker Dominos pizza base... You know, to stick with this 3 theme and all.

    Alex, are you pulling the birthday card to get people to play Gaia Project with you for six hours? I've really jumped on the boardgame bandwagon, mostly because of you lot, but my buying decisions have been as much about what I can convince others to get than what I really wanna get.

    I.e. I really wanna get Root, but I know I'm not going to be able to drum up enough friends who actually want to play that sort of game.

    Dota 2 mod - Auto Chess.

    Surprised I haven't seen it reported on Kotaku tbh, seems to be taking gamers by storm. Free mod in a free game, over 3 million players, saw 155,000 active users on last night. Literally the first time I've touched/installed dota, never would have if not for auto chess.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider. With Shadow of the Tomb Raider being released on Xbox Game Pass I thought I better play this one first. Good fun so far.

    Destiny 2 clan is coming together to run a raid for the first time in a long time and I am so excited to get into it. Also will be trying out Apex Legends for the first time

    Doing some end-game content on Yokai Watch 2 and trying to get far enough into the infinite tunnel to get me some rare Yokai. Might also play some blasters with my daughter.

    Just finished the 5th palace on Persona 5 and am about to hit Mementos and do some side-quests.

    Definitely playing some Hatsune Miku Future Tone with the kids. Still feeling a bit frustrated with that game, to be honest. Its extreme mode is just a bit too hard for me (mostly due to triple notes). I haven't gotten used to button-mapping yet.

    Apart from that, I've been playing a bit of Driveclub with a mate and also with my daughter. Still a fun game to pick up and play.

    I may not be playing anything as I appear to have injured my right wrist and thumb. u_u

    Not sure. Its either the timeless classic "How Good Is Your Liver", or the equally fun "Lets Catch Up On Sleep". Outside of that, no real preferences.

      'Lets Catch Up On Sleep' sounds fun, I'd like to try the demo. Though I'm a habitual early riser which means I have to go to bed early in order to get a sleep in.... and on a weekend that just isn't going to happen.

        I'm a night owl, so find it hard to get to sleep before 1am or even later. Its not uncommon for me to be still fidgeting about until 4am. As the alarm for work goes off ~7:30am that becomes a problem as the week goes on.

        But I have minimal responsibilities, so waking up at the crack of noon on a weekend is certainly an option. So, because I usually work on ~6 hours a night, its nice to catch up when I can. It works.

        But a bunch of mates are getting together tomorrow so I might need to do a bit of a commute to join em. Which becomes the "How Good Is Your Liver" game... And no "Lets Catch Up On Sleep" until Sunday.

    Warframe with friends mostly, perhaps a bit of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star as well. I'll be trying to slot some Etrian Odyssey Nexus in there when I can though. I've just started up and am currently going through the most difficult part of the game, choosing a party. They've included so many of my favourite classes I can't decide which ones I want in my party of just 5.

    I need to alter my Starlight settlement in Fallout 4 as its not up to scratch

    More Red Dead Redemption II. That game does not respect my time what so ever.

    If I can stay upright long enough, I'm probably gonna play a bit more Immortal Redneck

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