What Are You Playing This Weekend?

When it's sunny and bright outside, sometimes all you want to do is explore a cold, heartless, frozen wasteland.

Digging through more backpacks and frozen corspes Metro Exodus is my primary objective for the weekend, beyond celebrating a friend's birthday and just general relaxation. I'm not quite as far through Metro as I'd like to be - getting HDR looking nice on PC is strangely more difficult than it should be - but I've gone through the main introduction and started exploring the more "open-world" elements.

It's still predominately a linear game, as Nathan noted in his impressions, but more on that next week.

I'm also going through my first full season in the NBA as an oversized centre who can't shoot for shit. That's partially because I enjoy the grind of sports games, but also to justify my incredibly silly decision to buy NBA 2K19 from the eShop and not just, y'know, have the patience to pay infinitely less at retail.

What are you looking forward to playing this weekend?


    Hopefully finishing off Tales of Vesperia, finally.

      I've only just started Zestiria and i've still got Berseria sitting there, but i'm keen to pick up Vesperia soon lol

        Worth it. The plot is a bit of a mess but it's got one of the strongest casts and plays really nicely, a lot more oldschool JRPG in style too with an overworld and airship and everything.

        Zestiria I found to be really disappointing, but Berseria actually improved a lot of aspects of the plot in Zestiria in retrospect.

    I want to pick up Far Cry New Dawn, so will give that a little go.

    Currently playing through Tales of Zestiria, which is enjoyable but the cut-scenes are long-winded.

    And, i've actually been having some fun on Battlefront 2. Picked it up for $10 and it's been enjoyable to play a few rounds of Galactic Battle then move on to something else.

    I'll be playing the king of battle royale games, tetris 99.

    I'm about 110 hours into Persona 5 and I'm only at the beginning of October. I have a feeling I'm in for another 40 hours or so.

    I'm about 145 hours into Yokai Watch 2 (better than Pokemon) and am grinding post-game Yokai now. If anyone wants to trade me a Swelterrier or a Grainpa I'd be most appreciative.

    Maybe some Diablo 3 with my daughter before a great booze up on Saturday night with my mate.

    Add in some random Miku Future Tone and you have yourself a weekend :-)

    I figured out it was $4 cheaper to refund my Anthem preorder on Origin, preorder from JB instead for $66, and get a month of EA Access... so I'll be starting Anthem this weekend. Maybe some Diablo 3 - nearly done with Season 16 stuff; maybe some Destiny as well...

    RDR2. Growing me a mean set of mutton chops whilst oscillating between being a good guy and an outright. cold blooded murderer.

    I'll try finish off Rise of the Tomb Raider if I can stick to the main story mission (OCD in me finds it hard not to finish ALL side quests & collectibles).

    Might also take a look at Crackdown 3.

    god, I have so many games to play.
    Hitman 1(PSPlus) and I brought Hitman 2 so I can play both using Hitman 2(an really good idea)
    RDR2 Chapter 6
    Assassins Creed Odyssey (Still playing-ish)
    Fallout 4 (Modding)

    and I being looking at Farcry New Dawn because I like a good chunk of Farcry 5

    What a save!
    What a save!
    What a save!

    Tonight is the start of 10 days of poker for me, leading up to a couple of state tournaments next weekend. Nothing uncommon, they're just local for a change. And there are lots of tickets into a $1 million tournament next month so wanna grab one (or three) of those while I can.

    So unless I take a night off some time next week, there wont be much game time. Maybe a few minutes to do dailies in a few games but that's about it.

      Good luck with the tourneys. I used to play local tournaments myself, was never very good but it's a fun game and a pretty cheap way to pass an evening.

    Just finished Kingdom Hearts 3 last night, which was, quite frankly, a slog. Looking forward to seeing the back of it! So this weekend will be a palate cleanser of stupid silly easy Crackdown 3 zaniness methinks; wasn't going to get it til the reviews came out and actually appealed to me. Going to sign up fro the el cheapo Game Pass version and knock it over and cancel out of that after.

    Elsewhere, also going to do the latest Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC.

    I'm gonna give Fortnight a try this weekend, see if I can complete some challenges to get that free S8 battle pass. Do I think I can do it? Hell no. I suck. But I shall try.

    Otherwise, I shall be endeavouring to learn how to win Cultist Simulator. Though I suspect you don't ever win that game, you just survive for ever-increasing amounts of time with each playthrough.

    And I'm still on a modded Minecraft kick. So, that too.

    Warhammer End Times Vermintide. I've always wanted to check it out so I've been playing this week when I have time, and it's much cheaper than the second game (although I've now signed up to Humble Monthly and have that too). The visuals and art design are gorgeous, and the combat is fun, can't ask for much more than that, the DLC maps have been worth the extra few dollars too. Overall, other than the terrible loot system (which apparently has been fixed in 2), and stupid always online DRM, I'm having a great time and it's looking like I'll get a solid 20 hours out of it just going through once with bots.

    Orbiter 2016. While listening to Douglas Adams reading out HHGTG.

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