What Pokemon Sword And Shield Starter Will You Pick?

What Pokemon Sword And Shield Starter Will You Pick?
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Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. Probably some of the weirder names for the latest generation of Pokemon. Question is, what one will you favour later this year?

Like the original generation, it’s the fire Pokemon that has attracted the most fandom out of the gate. Scorbunny, a Rabbit Pokemon that sounds like somebody mixed “scorch” and “bunny”, has a pretty adorable design. The internet has had a lot of fun with the starters already, although I quite liked this one:

I can totally see Sobble doing a bit of a Magikarp and becoming a massive boss dragon by the third evolution, though. The Pokemon Company loves to do that with starters that have a quieter or more reserved personality from the off.

As for Grookey … I have no strong feelings about him either way. The chimp looks like he could be a lot of fun, although if he turns out to be some kind of Grass/Fighting type I will ignore it until the end of time. (I’ve got no interest in Fighting Pokemon, ever. Sorry, Grookey.)

So what about yourselves – what starter will you roll with later this year?

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