What Pokemon Sword And Shield Starter Will You Pick?

Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. Probably some of the weirder names for the latest generation of Pokemon. Question is, what one will you favour later this year?

Like the original generation, it's the fire Pokemon that has attracted the most fandom out of the gate. Scorbunny, a Rabbit Pokemon that sounds like somebody mixed "scorch" and "bunny", has a pretty adorable design. The internet has had a lot of fun with the starters already, although I quite liked this one:

I can totally see Sobble doing a bit of a Magikarp and becoming a massive boss dragon by the third evolution, though. The Pokemon Company loves to do that with starters that have a quieter or more reserved personality from the off.

As for Grookey ... I have no strong feelings about him either way. The chimp looks like he could be a lot of fun, although if he turns out to be some kind of Grass/Fighting type I will ignore it until the end of time. (I've got no interest in Fighting Pokemon, ever. Sorry, Grookey.)

So what about yourselves - what starter will you roll with later this year?


    Scorbunny is just too cute. Bit worried about what it will evolve into but I'm sure we'll see before release.

      I'd love to be less cynical on this myself but both MrsBS and I had that reaction too.

      Team sobble for me at this point ;)

      Do you mean too cute as in 'too much cut' or as in 'so very cute they got it spot on cute', because I upvoted based on the later.

    My default selection is always the grass starter but I’m kinda sold on this personality they’ve given Sobble. Guess the only rational thing to do is start with Sobble in Sword and Grookey in Shield! Sorry Scorbunny.

    I'll wait to see the next 2 evolution in line for them before i make my choice. Love the design on Scorbunny and Grookey though.

    Please god let this not be another fire/fighting starter

    I quite like them all and would go Scorbunny with how they are right now.
    It will depend on their evolutions though.

    Where's the response for, "At random because it doesn't matter, they're going straight in the bin as soon as I can catch literally anything else in the next available bit of long grass?"

      Vote for who you'd be most likely to bin, in that case; so basically just vote both Scorbunny and Grookey.

      Idk man, I'd much rather generic useful-type starter than generic route 1 flying or normal type shit mons.

      So many tropes of the series I hope they break. I will be disappointed, they will break none.

        It's why I only hop on this franchise every couple of years. Skipped X/Y and Sun/Moon. Ready for some generic poke-catchery!

    I wont be deciding until I see what the final evolutions look like. I don't want to pick something that turns into a lemonade stand or something at level 36.

      A lemonade stand pokemon would be rad you shut your mouth

    My son likes Sobble but he is going to wait and see the evolutions first. I'm not a huge fan of water types so I'm tentatively choosing Grookey, even though I usually pick the fire starter, because Grookey is cute and has a better name than Scorbunny. I do like Scorbunny though.

    Now to try and avoid finding out what they evolve into. I hate knowing ahead of time.

    Sobble is definitely going to be my starter Pokemon and the only game I'll be getting when it comes out later this year is Pokemon Sword.
    My bets are off on Sobble as my new starter Pokemon when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield arrive on Nintendo Switch later this year.

    I Mean, i'll be playing both after I get a Switch. So I reckon i'll start with Sobble on Sheild... but I reckon Scorbunny will be my 2nd pick just because he looks like he might surprise people with his typing.

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