Rewatch The Fire Emblem And Zelda: Link's Awakening Nintendo Direct Here

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Fire Emblem fans, roll up. Nintendo has announced that there'll be a Direct tomorrow morning with extra news on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, as well as a bunch of surprise titles that they like to reveal out of nowhere.

The video will run for around 35 minutes and will kick off at 0900 AEDT / 0800 AQST / 0830 ACDT / 0600 AWST / 1100 NZDT. The English description of the video notes that the Direct will "include" information on Fire Emblem, although users have noted that the Japanese announcement will "focus" on the franchise.

The co-creator of Kingdom Hearts, Shinji Hashimoto, has been promoting news of the Direct on Twitter. That's led speculation that some kind of Kingdom Hearts collaboration might appear tomorrow morning, with predictions varying from Sora appearing in Smash Bros Ultimate, to more Final Fantasy ports for the Switch or a Western localisation of the Seiken Densetsu Collection.

Nintendo has already announced that Daemon X Machina, Luigi's Mansion 3, a new Animal Crossing game and a core Pokemon title will be hitting the Switch towards the end of the year. Metroid Prime 4 is in the works, but with development handed off to Retro Studios and rebooted, it's safe to say we won't see a new Metroid for at least a year.

You can rewatch the Nintendo Direct via the YouTube embed below.


    *crosses fingers* Story of Seasons finally?
    Odds are we'll get a release date for Fire Emblem though.

      YES. Anything from the formerly Harvest moon. If you're struggling though, you can always try Little dragon cafe. Made by the same company.

        Yeah I followed Little Dragons Cafe for a while, but was put off by the launch price and reviews.

        I'm still holding hope for a Story of Seasons seeing as it was first mentioned when the Switch launched, but with the Director moving on to a different subsidiary, who knows.

          The price is a bit high but it seems like a standard spin off game from them. Sounds kinda like the earlier harvest moons, fishing game and shop game they did on DS. Story progresses randomly, or is made to progress due to randomised events.
          It's not story of seasons but it will tide us over

    Fingers crossed for Seiken Densetsu Collection coming west. I will buy that so fucking fast.

    On a scale from 1-5, how many new Fore Emblem characters are we getting for Smash?

    I'm hoping for a surprise immediate shop release of that Slay The Spire port that's supposed to come (early?) 2019

    A western release of the Langrisser 1&2 remake please!

    How about something that isn't a remaster, remake, or port?

      Like ... the new Fire Emblem?

        No! Don't be silly. This is the port direct.

    Hoping for hardware news - but that'll probably be E3

    I'd like to not see Sora in Smash, but hey. This seems like what's gonna happen.

    Maybe a little love for the handheld Castlevania games on the switch following Simon and Richter’s addition to Smash?

    Get excited people we're finally getting a free update for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and some paid DLC for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is on the way and I'm so pumped up for this.
    Then get ready to kick some butt because the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0.0 update is coming and we're getting Joker from Persona 5 added as a new DLC fighter.
    So if you haven't got the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass yet.
    What are you waiting for?! Get to it purchase the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass or you will be missing out on some more new fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. miss this and you will kick yourself.
    Hopefully Persona 5 will arrive sometime on the Nintendo Switch later this year
    and we're also getting more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo coming out later this year. I'm definitely getting the Squirtle and Ivysaur amiibo.
    And get excited for all you Assassin's Creed fans out there Assassin's Creed III Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 21 along with EA's Unravel Two coming to Nintendo Switch on March 22 which I'm excited for.
    Thank you very much EA for the annoucement that you are bringing Unravel Two to the Nintendo Switch I'm sorry to hear about those two Twitch streamers that were killed in the Jacksonville shooting last year but I believe in you EA and I do hope you bring us more EA games soon.
    Finally after 26 years of being on the Game Boy we're finally getting The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening on the Nintendo Switch very soon I can't wait for that.
    Yes Yes Yes Yoshi's Crafted World is coming out for Nintendo Switch at the end of next month I'm definitely going to get that game. As I will be going away to Europe and the UK for a month very soon.
    Thank you so much Nintendo I've really enjoyed this and I do hope you bring us another Nintendo Direct later in the year.

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