Zelda: Link’s Awakening Is Getting Remastered For Switch

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Is Getting Remastered For Switch

The Game Boy classic Zelda: Link’s Awakening is getting a full remake in the style of Link Between Worlds. It’ll be out for Switch this year. This is VERY GOOD NEWS, as Link’s Awakening is one of the best Zelda games that’s ever been made.

Link’s Awakening, which came out in 1993, tells the story of Link getting stranded on Koholint Island, a bizarre place full of weird characters, strange monsters, and Goombas for some reason.


  • If Breath of the Wild wasn’t enough, now this! Can someone please explain to my wife why I MUST have a switch!

    • [Approaches Psylar’s wife.]

      Me: “…..It’s just a waste of money and he doesn’t need one. He’ll come to his senses soon.”

      [Runs from Psylar.]

          • Oh that is not the worst I have done.

            [Grins broader than I should be able to.]

            I once rigged a a Budweiser factor to fill its bottles with …..

            [Grins even broader.]

            ….Fosters’ Light Ice.

            [Demonic Laughter.]

          • Meh – I mean, it’s all beer aimed at Americans. Slightly different flavoured water is still water.

          • Lets be honest though. When it comes to beer, us Aussies are pretty much the worlds biggest dicks. We did convince everyone else that we loved drinking Fosters after all…

            @wisehacker ‘s Budweiser story pales into insignificance against that bastard act…

          • I don’t know, @grunt… the Fosters thing was bad, but the Scots still have that beat.

            “Angus, laddie, I dinnae ken how to get rid o’ the leftover juices from haggis. I threw the last batch out the bloody windo’ but it poisoned the harvest!”
            “Och! … What if we pretend it’s beer, and sell it to the fookin’ tourists?! We can call it Guiness, after me favourite pig.”

          • @dustwind yeah, haggis and Guinness was a low act, I’ll give you that. In response, one word.


          • @dustwind.

            We can call it Guiness, after me favourite pig.

            I’ll still take the haggis juice over Fosters any day.

            Especially with some fresh beer battered fish and chips.


  • Woo! One of my favourite Zelda titles! It really is a pure distillation of the game’s formula, presented immaculately in graphics, level design, and especially sound. The magic they were able to work on that tiny hardware was nothing short of miraculous.

    • For the longest time I never went further than the first dungeon because I’d convinced myself it was just an averagely “okay” Zelda game and I had better things to do. Several years back I forced myself to play through games I owned but had never played for more than a couple of hours and found it to be one of the best Zelda game I’d ever played. I’m so glad that both the ‘weird’ Zelda games, this and Majora’s Mask, will now be playable on current hardware and both remastered no less.

  • All jokes aside (thankyou @psylar), I’m in two minds about this.

    One, it is nice as it gives the game a new coat of paint and makes it accessible to a new generation.

    But, could the same not be achieved by just putting the original or Colour version of the game on the virtual console and just charge a reasonable $5?

    If the only differences is the graphics and the game play, puzzles, etc., are exactly the same I don’t see the benefit.

    • I never had a gameboy, so this to me would be heaven. I played every Zelda game from NES to Wii, but never played any of the handheld Zelda’s.

      A Link to the Past is my all time favorite game, just watching that announcement video made me salivate and brought back lots of wonderful memories.

      • @wisehackers point is that they could’ve saved a lot of hassle by just releasing the already good DX version on Switch for a low price, like they did for most of the older Zelda and Mario games on the 3DS

    • It does appear to be a 1 to 1 remake. so yeah I agree that they better not charge $60 for this. but at the same time it’s a great game and it will get more NEW players to enjoy it than a rom would.

  • wow, it’s almost like no one can invent new games these years, just remake things from 20+ years ago, that adults now used to play back then, for the current generation.

    Nothing new at all.

    • You know we got Breath of the Wild less than 2 years ago right?

      Also, just going to ignore all the other brand new non-Zelda games in the direct?

    • Damn, you are right. Instead of doing this crap rehashing they should have made… I dunno… by far the biggest, most expansive Zelda game, one that would go to be critically lauded as one of the best games in history? Too bad that this remake is the only Zelda thing we got for the Switch instead.

    • Ah, I think it’s fine to revisit things. It’s worth remembering that the only reason this wasn’t happening when video games were new was because video games were new. There was nothing for them to rehash even if they wanted to. Doing something new wasn’t some magical virtue the Ancients possessed that we have since lost, it was literally the only option.

      Innovation’s already well-covered. We have many different Zelda games, all doing markedly different things, which has been happening for decades. And as others have pointed out, they’re still doing that. Innovation hasn’t stopped. But it does take time. And in between… there’s going back and enjoying what’s already been done, for the people who want it for what it is/was.

      Imagine if they were branding it as a new Zelda game, but it was identical to an older one? People would complain, “We don’t need a new version of oldergame… just go play older game! Let us see something new!”

      What they’re doing is not making a ‘new version fo oldergame’, what they’re doing is making the old game more easily available to us with what we have in our hands now, where we’re playing, now… plus a lick of paint – some loving restoration.

  • !!!!! 😀 I was two years old in 1993 so I never played that game. I’m gonna play this version.

  • I’ve always wanted to play this game but I admit that as nice for their time and the hardware its graphics are, they were a turn off for me. These are welcome news.

  • If only they’d updated it to SNES level sprites. The 3D stuff is fine, but come on. It would have looked WAYYYYY better in 2D.

    • Honestly I disagree. While ALttP looks amazing and still holds up today, I am in love with this art style. Like actually so much.

  • While you people may not like the 1993 Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening that’s coming to Nintendo Switch later this year fuck you all.
    I am so hyped for The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening coming to Nintendo Switch after 26 years of being on the Game Boy and the game is going to include Goombas and Chain Chomps.
    Nintendo if you’re listening I am so freaking out and excited for The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening I’m so hyped for this and I can’t wait to get my hands on The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening when it comes to Nintendo Switch later this year.
    Nintendo you’ve done it again!

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