After Nudity Wasn't Fully Censored, Nintendo Switch Game Temporarily Pulled  

Last week, Super Real Mahjong PV was released on the Nintendo Switch. This week, downloads of the digital game have been temporarily suspended.

Warning: This article might be NSFW!

The Super Real Mahjong series debuted in Japanese arcades during the 1990s. The series has previously appeared on Nintendo hardware, such as the Game Boy Advance.

This latest release is a port of the game’s fifth entry, which also got a Sega Saturn port in 1995. For the Switch version, the arcade game’s original nudity was edited out with beams of light.

But as Hachima Kikou points out, the beams didn’t quite censor everything.

The above image was edited by Hachima Kikou. The original image does not feature the black box. (Screenshot: Hachima Kikou)

Mighty Craft Co., the folks behind the Super Real Mahjong series, issued an official statement, saying the entire game is being checked, corrected and sent to Nintendo for re-examination. If everything goes according to plans, the game will be patched next week.


    I love the way Japan still draws all the bits just to sensor it after.

    We need to get past this crap. It’s 2019 - and nudity is still taboo in all forms of mainstream entertainment

    Graphic violence and torture? OKAY!
    One little nipple? TOO FAR, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

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