An Hour From The Division 2

An Hour From The Division 2

For most people, The Division 2 launches on Friday. But if you’re crazy enough to spend close to $140, and you can download around 90GB fairly quickly, The Division 2 is playable now. To get an idea of what to expect, here’s an hour from the early game.

Heather and Paul streamed just over an hour from the early section of the game on an Xbox One X. It’s a good showcase of the difference in structure from the open beta – progress won’t be anywhere near as fast, and you won’t get a stupidly overpowered gun from the first mission.

But for the most part, the early missions are functionally the same. The major difference is that you’ve got access to a lot more toys – all the skills are unlocked now, as are all the side missions. That can affect how you approach the early game. I always like having a pulse to go with a turret, as opposed to the little RC drone, for instance.

I’ll be getting hands on with The Division 2 later in the week, so we’ll see how the servers stand up from a local point of view. For now, the word is they’re holding up, which is a good sign.


    • Not this time! I think they’re still getting fibre installed into our new office 😡 I’ll be downloading from home.

  • I just dont know what it is, I loved the first game but I am just not feeling the urge to get this. Maybe once I see more of it in action I might change my mind. The beta just left me feeling ‘meh’. No idea why.

    • Cold be that its set in a more grounded environment than a lot of other recent games. Yes its post apocalypse, but not a post-nuclear setting, no playing Iron Man, just a somewhat fractured Washington DC that’s more or less reflective of how we live right now. Its relatable where other recent games aren’t.

      Personally I enjoyed the demo. It was good to play something CoD/BF/R6 like and not have to worry about the fantasy side of playing the game. You just grabbed a gun and shot stuff.

      Each to their own though. If it didn’t grab you, there are plenty of other options out there.

      • I was like that until I played the demo – I think I initially wanted the environment to be more vibrant, snowy, a little less urban looking even. But playing the beta I got keen for the basic gameplay loop and the mechanics. And I’ll be playing on PC this time, so that should be good.

        • Same. Sometimes its nice to just be able to relate to the setting, and not have to deal with all the backstory just to understand why we’re flying like Iron Man.

          I think you could move Div2 into any sort of setting and it would work, but as a continuation of the first game it needs the connection. So needed that urban setting. Maybe it could have started in DC and moved into Virginia though, and added some variety.

          And hint at being a crossover with Fallout 76 🙂

          • Yeah, Virginia would have been rad. And that’s probably a natural progression, take the player through different cities so that you’re not exclusively in Washington DC, but different “zones” (maybe a bit like WoW, or just have some kind of loading screen that transports you to a different section altogether).

          • DLC can do that. Justify heading to somewhere like Richmond VA, and then out into a rural setting. I think it helps the series grow, and add more options they can use later.

            But, if their focus is intentionally purely urban, that’s not a bad thing. Just pick a different city each game. I think that gets old though as the streets tend to look the same after a while. Was fun running around the White House, or DoJ, but after a couple of times, they’re just locations, no different to anywhere else.

  • I preorderd and started playing this afternoon but after reaching the first mission it became unplayable, the frame rates drop that much it’s almost impossible to play.

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