Anthem Players Have Turned Avoiding Bad Loot Into A Game

Anthem Players Have Turned Avoiding Bad Loot Into A Game

Anthem’s most dedicated players spend almost as much time complaining about the lack of loot as they do grinding for it, so why are they now avoiding so many of the game’s shiny objects? Because most of them are useless junk that isn’t worth dealing with.

The game limits the amount of loot players can collect while out on a Freeplay or Stronghold mission to 50 items. Once you’re capped, you won’t be able to pick up new stuff—and you won’t be able to drop any of those items you’ve already snagged until you go back to the Forge and see what they are.

For high level players searching for only the rarest stuff, it’s important to keep those slots open in case that Legendary they’ve been desperate to find turns out to be the 51st item. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see players trying to weave between piles of loot in order to only pick up the stuff that’s actually worthwhile, which are indicated on the ground as orange pyramids rather than purple or blue ones.

I’ve done it a couple times just on instinct because my overall inventory is almost full and breaking down new items is always a chore. On a few missions more recently, I started noticing that other people were getting really into it, and players have now started sharing some of these moments on the game’s subreddit.

The new loot ritual is a testament to how a game’s systems can interact in complex ways to produce unexpected results. While less rare gear can be broken down into the ingredients required to craft Sigils, consumables that give players special buffs for the duration of a mission, it doesn’t take long to stock up on those resources.

The game’s 250 slot vault, meanwhile, fills up quickly since players are encouraged to shift between different Javelins builds, each of which has dozens of unique Masterwork items associated with it. Players don’t have the time or patience to mess around with lower-power stuff.

For that reason it’s not uncommon to see players lash out at piles of loot that don’t have anything good in them before flying away. In another clip recently shared on the game’s subreddit, one player tried to do just that, but a lightning storm had other ideas.

As one player in the thread wrote: “Legendary drops: literally less likely than being struck by lightning!”


  • A looter shooter where players avoid getting loot to have fun.

    Jesus Christ this game is a joke.

    • No, a joke would be:

      Two eggs and a rasher of bacon walk into a bar.

      “Sorry.” says the barman, “We don’t serve breakfast here”

    • Fun fact: If you don’t like a game, you don’t have to read articles about it
      This has the added bonus of not looking obnoxious to everyone that does

      • Fun fact.

        I don’t dislike the game. I dislike how it’s been handled. The basic gameplay is fun. But the surrounds are dogshit.

        Your comment screams of “If you don’t like the game you aren’t allowed to voice your displeasure, Only positive comments are allowed please”

  • I thought you didn’t have to pick up legendary and masterworks, pretty sure they appear at the end of the mission.

    If the added in a breakdown all option then picking everything up would be much more appealing, as well as upgrading components like 5 epics become a masterwork.

    • Masterworks and Legendaries are still drops, you dont have to pick up the end boss loot drop and the bonus Component from Grandmaster Legendary Contracts though.

  • Sorry how is this any different o Division. Loving the game but the amount of loot throws at you is laughably excessive, so much so I am barely 14 and I already have enough crafting materials I keep getting a warning that I will get anything for dismantling (even with upgrades) AND already have like 20k in coin.

    So every half an hour an hour i am destroying like 30 odd pieces of loot. And virtually getting nothing for it.

    • In Division you have the choice to pick something up or not. Seems you don’t get the choice in Anthem, its automatic.

      So when you’re just looking out for the highest level drops, and the lower ones are getting in the way, they have to dodge them.

      In other news, yeah, Division 2 isn’t stingy on the loot, is it?

      • And you can review and disassemble it at any point you want, instead of having to sit through a few loading screens, go to a special dismantling area, then some more loading screens back out into the world.

        There are layers of inconvenience to Bioware’s approach.

      • Division 2 isn’t stingy on the loot, is it?

        “Did you own a gun? Did your neighbour? Who owned all those knee pads? Did somebody collet backpacks?”

        • Well, there are more guns than people in the US, so the answer to the first two is probably ‘yes’.

          Not sure you can say that about kneepads and backpacks…

  • This wouldn’t be a problem if salvaging wasn’t such a time-consuming pain in the ass.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if you could manage your inventory in the world.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t arbitary limits on how much you can carry.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if you could auto-dismantle rarities below a set threshold.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if most loot acquired had any value whatsoever.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if the game’s failsafe ‘deliver to mail’ solution always worked.

    This wouldn’t be a problem if heading back to the forge then out into the world again didn’t take so long that you could make a cup of coffee, a sandwhich, do your taxes and finish building the deck, first.

    This wouldn’t be a problem if Bioware had bothered to look at literally any other studios in the industry doing the same thing and taken their approaches into consideration when designing their end-game.

  • I avoid blued, but I wouldnt avoid Epics, some of my best component slot items are Epics with the 21% All Damage Boost Modifier.

    While most of my masterwork components have Pickup, Harvest and *facepalm* double ammo for guns I dont use.

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