Apex Legends And Battlefield 5 On Your Phone Looks Insane

Apex Legends And Battlefield 5 On Your Phone Looks Insane
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGxnE2vYT_s">Image: YouTube (Dualshockers)</a>

PS4 users got a bonus surprise this week. With the release of the latest PS4 firmware update, Remote Play was officially made available on iOS. That means, functionally, you can play games like Battlefield 5 and Apex Legends on your phone.

Of course, actually playing games like those on your phone is a whole other story.

Martin Hesslow, the user experience director for Battlefield 5 at DICE, tweeted out a short video yesterday morning of the experience. Picture this: you’re playing Battlefield 5, with all the normal bells and whistles that you’d expect on a PS4.

Now picture that half the screen is occupied by giant, semi-translucent icons for the D-Pad, face buttons, bumpers, triggers, and the left and right analog sticks whenever you want to run around.

Which happens a lot in an FPS.

It’s a similar story for Apex Legends. Gameriot and Dualshockers published two videos showing off the user experience was like and, for most people, it’s far from ideal.

Before the firmware update was released, one YouTuber tried giving Apex a go on the PS Vita. You can’t rebind buttons through Remote Play on the Vita, so unsurprisingly, the experience was a total shambles.

I’ll be sticking to my fullscreen mouse and keyboard experience for my shooters, I think.


    • I stream from my PC to my phone. I’ve got a little phone mount clip that connects to an Xbox controller. So phone sits above the controller.

      I’m guessing that on PS, can still use controller? So don’t have to use the on screen buttons. Can find all sorts of mounts on eBay for a couple dollars. BFV is probably still a bad game, as need to spot people on a tiny screen. But games like RD2 and Witcher 3 would work great

  • You can get mfi controllers for iphone / ipad that work just fine with the app. Then playing it is not too bad

  • This update is a further nail in the Vita’s coffin. I’m assuming they adddd this as the Vita support is over.

  • Remote play was a big reason I purchased a vita. But a lack of second shoulder buttons and overall size held it back for most games. Ended up using it for PS1 classics.

    I also had a Sony Xperia, which I used with a mount that clips to a PS4 controller allowing the full controller experience. That worked well for adventure games and RPGs but any game that needed fast response times didn’t work due to the slight input lag through the wifi.

    Shooters were out of the question, even games like NBA didn’t work because it effected the shot timing. Great concept held back by internet issues. This was using 50mbps with the console plugged in. Maybe things are better now? I haven’t tried in about 12 months.

  • First off the ads are disgusting on here when trying to find the comment section.
    Secondly playing via remote play on games that are anything more than turn based is the worst experience ever, with input lag being noticably visible and who would want to shoot a gun watch your enemy run away and then your gun fires?

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