Captain Marvel Arrives To Level The Avengers: End Game Playing Field

Captain Marvel Arrives To Level The Avengers: End Game Playing Field
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The Avengers need some help, and finally, Captain Marvel has arrived to go full Goku on the opposition.

The latest Avengers: End War dropped online early this morning, offering two and a half minutes of establishing shots and small details. Tony Stark’s back from space, but we don’t know who brings him back – or what the cost was.

There’s also a bit more backstory showing Hawkeye’s past, as well as the Avengers brooding over what to do in a post-Thanos world.

Avengers: End Game comes out in Australian cinemas on April 24.


  • Oof. I hope the Russo brothers can make something interesting out of her character. She was bland AF in her own movie, although seeing how half baked the rest of the film was I’m hoping it was more to do with poor writing/direction than acting.

    • I feel like the entirety of CM was rushed after the writers painted themselves into a corner with Thanos. The Avengers got spanked before Thanos got the infinity stones (and half of them died), how were they gonna beat him after all that?

      Introducing Deus ex Marvelna.

  • I hope Carol isn’t too involved in End Game. Don’t mind her and would be fine seeing her lead the MCU going forward, but Thanos has been built up since phase 1 and it’d feel a bit cheap if the fight against him and his defeat wasn’t focused around the original team but instead a saviour who comes in at the eleventh hour.

    • For sure. I honestly hope they don’t make her the deus ex machina that resolves the whole problem. It’s a cheap cop out, even cheaper than the idea of time-travel to beat Thanos that people are worried about.

    • Thanos punked out Thor and Hulk, if Captain Marvel comes in and lays a beat down on Thanos that doesn’t end with him no-selling the beating and backhanding her through a wall, I’m walking out on the movie. Thor hasn’t gone to his full potential with the Odinforce, and Hulk hasn’t achieved Worldbreaker status yet, so if they depower two gods for a half Kree/human with memory loss, then that’s bad writing.

  • Saw Captain Marvel last night, was exactly what I expected. Like Black Panther beforehand, a simple, generic origin film. A one-time watch for me, hopefully the sequel is better.

  • Here is the endgame story & ending:

    Captain Marvel arrives, comments how powerful she is (audience will need to be reminded for at least 60mins of this fact)…, meanwhile all the men are sucking their thumbs and crying in a corner, then she discovers she can time travel, and just like fix it all, travels back and kicks thanos ass, because well he is only a girly man after-all..End Credits

    Game over, the universe is returned to its normal extremely accelerated death rate, cheers avengers! screw the universe anyway, lets burn this sucker at both ends, YEE HA!!!!

    • I think there will be some sort of twist, but essentially similar to what you say. By twist I think they’ll do something like use Ant Man to show her the quantum realm, and she discovers she can access it without help. Then bounce around in time, yada yada yada, and they get teh winz.

      No matter what they do I just hope they get the movie right, because it would suck if they fluffed the finale of a great 10 year run.

  • to level? you mean to dominate IE she has no flaws and infant power, so level? more like complity unbalance and push waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of wack, fuck come back with a real hero, hell come back with a real person!

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