Gearbox Announces Borderlands 3 

Gearbox Announces Borderlands 3 

The long-anticipated third Borderlands game is coming, Gearbox said today, following months worth of hints and teases. No word on platforms or a release date just yet, although publisher 2K Games has suggested that it’ll be out within this coming fiscal year (which ends next April).

This is the fourth entry in the critically and commercially successful loot-shooting Borderlands series, after the first two games and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which came out in 2014. It looks a whole lot like the other games:

This news comes after a difficult past few years for Gearbox, an independent studio in Frisco, Texas that has seen two high-profile failures this decade. In 2013, it released Aliens: Colonial Marines, a poorly received game that became infamous for a misleading pre-release demo full of flashy, fake graphics.

And in 2016, Gearbox put out Battleborn, its stab at the hero shooter genre that flopped hard. Now, the company will hope to win back jilted fans with a brand new entry in its most successful series to date.

Gearbox says there’ll be more revealed next week, on April 3.


  • While that trailer showed a lot, it just lacked personality that previous BL trailers had.

    • I don’t think they’ll ever top Cage the Elephant’s Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.

    • It’s actually a little shocking how poor that trailer is considering what footage they had. I’ve never loved the franchise, but the visuals and tone of the series are so well established and lend themselves so well to a fun trailer that this something the intern put together, and not something even remotely close to being on par with the trailers for the first two.

      The music choice was pretty weak too, but even with that track you could make a much better trailer.

  • Quite enjoyed the chill atmosphere it had 🙂 they just sold 2 copies to my son and I 😀

  • Was so hoping they’d wait until April 1 and announce it as mobile only as an April Fools Joke.

    • I came to say ‘inb4 Epic exclusivity announced’, glad to see someone else was thinking it too.

    • I have a feeling with those Tweets from Pitchford, that it will end up being an EPIC exclusive. With the way things are going in this industry, it wouldn’t surprise me if they also implemented an always online DRM for even a single player experience, but then watch them say it’s ‘unavoidable’ to keep ‘everyone connected as a seamless experience’, or some nonsense.

  • I cant say the reveal was all the remarkable. I mean I like the other games but there wasnt a thing about this reveal that made me think ‘wow, they really have pushed this game in new exciting ways’. It all just looked samey. Hopefully that will change over the coming months.

    • why does borderlands have to innovate, surely if your a fan of the other two games then more of the same (well relatively the same anyway) is a good thing.

      Please consider that people like you constantly asking for new and exiting shit from franchises is exactly what leads to the catastrophic dumpster fires we have come to expect.

      Maybe I’m reading to much into your statement about innovation and sameness.

      • As I read somewhere else, from someone who is a huge mega fan, I just loved the games a lot. He was all like (roughly) if he wasnt told this was for Borderlands 3 he would have thought it was just a fan created parody trailer. That was the same vibe I felt with it. It just felt more of the same.

        Now I am hoping once we see it in action I will be laughing and apologising for doubting them. Honestly I loved the Division 1, and nothing I saw leading up to the launch of two had me excited, even played the beta a bit and it I was like ‘meh I dont know’… two weeks later I am willing to admit I was absolutely utterly wrong. That is what I am hoping for Borderlands. This trailer just gave me zero feels. It didnt even make me laugh. Which I thought was surprising.

        • if it makes you feel better your not the only person unjustly attacked by me over the idea of innovation, as i read this comment section in abject horror that was constructed mainly from my own cynicism but not entirely i did make some bad comments.

          I was somewhat influenced by the other BL3 articles from other games journos filled with all manner of retarded shit, why is number 3 still using cell shading why didn’t they change the entire aesthetic of the fucking series and my personal favourite “this trailer wasn’t good enough why isn’t this a battle royal game” this series of events then leads me to shitting myself that the BL3 team might be reading this stuff and the frankly ambiguous or negative response to it’s trailer and decide to do something stupid like incorporating battle royal instead of memeing it in a DLC called rattle boyal.

      • I think it’s more about innovating within it’s core design rather than changing the design itself so much – like how BL2 made the guns more distinct by adding the manufacturer perks, or how PS (for all it’s issues) tried to do something cool with lasers and energy weapon variations, and how both of them improved on the inventory management with minor QoL tweaks (can’t really demo that part in the teaser though).

        I’d love to see something like classless dual wielding to stop machine pistols becoming obsolete late-game, or ammo to be by shot type instead of gun type (eg. masher revolvers using shells instead of pistol ammo, grenade launchers using explosive instead of AR rounds, etc.)… even just some decent rebalancing to stop explosive and shot-type-variant weapons from being so useless much of the time…

        • i get what your saying i guess i overreact anytime i see talk of innovation given what has happened in the past. I like your ammo idea making it more logical and the re-balancing would be great especially if they make it easy to tweak because i honestly don’t see them getting it right the first time. i would like to never see the bee shield again either that thing really pissed me off in BL2.

          You did make me laugh also because i imagined the response to an inventory management teaser…. i think it would make the Diablo Immortal reveal look like a win.

          • Oh I can just picture it…

            *ominous music*
            VO: When you have a bazillion guns to choose from…
            *epic chord*
            VO: But only four holsters…
            *higher pitch chord*
            VO: And you have to choose which weapons you use…
            *clip of machinegun firing in slow motion*
            VO: …and which ones you lose…
            *pan over money on counter in Marcus’ shop*
            VO: …you need an inventory management system…
            *fade up grid image*
            VO: …to rival Excel!
            *dubstep Wub!Wub! fires up in background*
            [insert brief rant by Mr. Torgue]
            *montage of tagging items as junks or favourites*
            *camera zoom in and out on Claptrap dancing*
            VO: OH yeah!
            *rapidly scrolling through weapons list*
            [insert some sort of Bandit rant – maybe about meat fridges]
            *equipment slots lighting up in sequence*

            you get the idea :p

  • I’m most interested in how well they can flesh out the world building stereotypes we’ve seen in the past – Was great to see the different areas on display in the trailer; big, bright city, swamp lands, the expected dessert and high plains mountains, but I wonder how much of that will be empty.

    I’ve always had a great time playing Borderlands, but inevitably stop playing due to the world feeling the same, everywhere I go. We shall see – I’m likely to purchase it, but I haven’t finished a BL game since 2.

  • I’m pretty torn here with my like of previous games but my dislike of Gearbox and the goodwill they’ve pissed away in recent years…

    That said, the trailer really shows nothing new at all. So if they’re just reskinning the same game to resell, which wouldn’t surprise me at all if that turns out to be the case, then it’ll be a hard pass.

    • I’m with you 100% here. I’m no fan of Gearbox or Randy but Borderlands is some good fun.

      This doesn’t look like anything new though which is concerning but I’ll wait and see.

      Hopefully they tone down the dumb meme crap

        • hes only objecting to the dumb memes ody

          mr_scratch is far too intelligent to be pandered to with unsophisticated memes

  • One the one hand… Randy Pitchford is a human piece of shit.

    On the other… damn I love Borderlands.


  • I will wait until next Friday’s info release before passing too much judgement, but yes they really should have some new game features rather than it being a simple re-skin with new characters and skill trees.

  • This was a technical reveal trailer imho.

    Larger locations, more projectiles at once, three vehicles (previously 2 max?) Larger weapon count, worlds so hub world and travel style?

    Looks to include all the lead cast and background cast as more than stand stills; marcus for example moving around…

  • the trailer was pretty bad, they definitely could have done a bit more emphasis on the fact that they have one billion guns.

  • Microtransactions are my biggest concern for this; a lot has changed in the gaming world since #2 launched & 2K aren’t exactly scared of shoving MT’s down players throats, even if it lessens the experience (NBA/RDR2)? Borderlands seems such an obvious game to turn into a ‘live service’ & MT to death it’d be almost unthinkable if they didn’t such is the way of things now? They could even pull an Acti & add them after launch?

    Not worth crying/worrying about it too much before we know, but wouldn’t it be refreshing if just for once it was announced there’s none of that BS?

    • BL2 was bad enough when they switched the customisations from custom colours to per-outfit DLC… hopefully at least this time DLC outfits might be colour-customisable alternative clothing for a bit more value add which doesn’t seem so extortionate.

    • it would be great if they didn’t have the MT bullshit in BL3 but then again i’m more worried they might be listening to people like the ones in this comment section crying about innovation and pushing the envelope. Then we end up with some complete pile of shit that not only has MT but is also a total dumpster fire brought about because they tried to innovate and turned a winning formula into a shit sandwich.

  • It’s going to be an epic exclusive.

    Randy went fishing on twitter for opinions. Didn’t like the feedback and told people their opinions were wrong

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